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"Atomic States of America" @ Wellfleet Film Festival

When: Fri Aug 23rd
7:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Where: Wellfleet Film Festival | Wellfleet Public Library | 55 West Main Street | Wellfleet

On August 23, The Wellfleet Film Festival will present a free public showing of the Sundance Film Festival’s award-winning “Atomic States Of America”. The movie is based on the best-seller “Welcome To Shirley” about growing up on Long Island in the shadow of Brookhaven National Lab. Those early revelations led to raised concerns about living near the 104 nuclear reactors and de facto radioactive waste dump sites scattered throughout our country. The movie goes on to document research by renowned physicists and nuclear engineers, former NRC inspectors and government officials calling attention to the need for truthful information about the serious risk and health consequences of nuclear energy. Since Japan’s 2011 Fukushima disaster, Germany, Japan and other leading industrial nations have committed to ending nuclear energy reliance and have embarked on investments in safe, renewable green technology that produces good-paying jobs as it also prevents further climate change. With President Obama’s current support for nuclear energy, America is on a path leaving us behind in innovative technology, job growth and economic stability.
The film will be shown in the Wellfleet Library at 7pm and followed by a Q&A session with co-sponsors Pilgrim AntiNuclear Action/Occupy Falmouth and CapeDownwinders, the group that organized the ‘no escape from the Cape’ Cape-wide vote. It asks Governor Patrick to instruct the NRC to follow its safety mandates and shut down Pilgrim Nuclear in Plymouth. Two related bills are pending in the Legislature. Recently, the NRC decided to allow a citizens’ petition request for a review of Entergy’s financial capability to safely run and maintain the Pilgrim plant. The public is invited to bring friends and family to this important event.

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