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Calliope poetry craft workshop @ West Falmouth Library

When: Sat Mar 22nd
11:00 am - 2:00 pm

Where: 575 West Falmouth Highway

Calliope, a community for poets, is offering craft workshops at West Falmouth Library. The workshops are $25 each and are limited to 12 participants. They will be held in the lower level of the library. To register, visit

“Impossible Love/Impossible Beauty": Sometimes it is easier to write about the ugly, the demented, the anti-beauty.  Loveliness is elusive.  Sometimes it is easer to write about the broken, the unrequited, the devastated love.  Happy is hard.  In this workshop poets will be challenged to write poems about rendering love and beauty in new and effective ways. They will analyze how other poets write about and/or render love and beauty so well, then attempt their own versions, using various prompts.

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