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Milkweed seed distribution @ Waquoit Congregational Church

When: Sat Mar 29th
10:00 am - 2:00 pm

Where: 15 Parsons Lane

The Rev. Nell Fields and congregants of the Waquoit Congregational Church have partnered with other concerned citizens to launch the The Monarch Project of Cape Cod. The Monarch Project hopes to collaborate with area gardeners, schools, faith-based groups and others to educate the community about the threat to the Monarch's survival. This spring, the group will provide and help distribute free milkweed seeds across Cape Cod to enhance the Monarch's chances for survival.

Due to a declining food supply, one of the most beautiful summer visitors to Cape Cod may no longer be returning. The Monarch butterfly, which winters in the mountains of Michoacan, Mexico and then begins a 3,000 mile migration north to the United States and Canada in the spring requires the milkweed plant in order to survive the arduous journey. During the course of their migration, female Monarchs lay eggs on milkweed leaves, which is the Monarch caterpillar's only food source. This cycle is repeated several times over the summer, and new generations of butterflies emerge to fly further north, including the Cape Cod region. In the fall, the migration turns south and, emulating the migration of their forebears, the Monarchs (several generations removed) return to the fir trees of Michoacan.

For a variety of reasons, the milkweed plant is vanishing across North America.  As a result, the migration
has diminished greatly.  Last summer, few monarchs were seen on the Cape.

This is the  initial free distribution of seeds. For more information, contact Beth Bagley at or 203-979-2571


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