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“The Changing and Challenging Landscape of College Admissions” @ Osterville Village Library

When: Tue Jul 8th
7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Where: 43 Wianno Ave., Osterville

McMillan, Howland & Spence, a well-known Boston-based educational consultanting firm, will lead a talk about the increasingly competitive and complex nature of the college planning process. The speakers will highlight:
- New rules for college admissions that parents of high school students should know.
- Strategies for assessing a college’s ability to support students with different learning styles.
- Overview of athletic recruitment strategies for students looking at DI and DII college options.
- Steps for evaluating college internship programs and job placement opportunities. 
Additionally, the talk will cover the six key parts of the college admissions process and how college admissions weigh qualitative and quantitative factors when assessing an applicant. The talk will highlight the basic admission roadmap for students seeking athletic recruitment or students interested in pursuing art or theatre programs. 
Speakers include Carol Kinlan, M.Ed,, Drew Carlson, M.Ed ,and Kim Chorosiewski, M.Ed. For more information about this program, please call the Osterville Village Library at 508-428-5757 or email

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