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"All Hallows' Even" Opening Reception @ Cahoon Museum

When: Fri Sep 21st
5:30 pm - 7:00 pm

Where: Cahoon Museum, 4676 Falmouth Road, Cotuit


Come see this spooky exhibition which will look at how artists use symbols related to Halloween and harvest time in their work. Some of the symbols viewed in this exhibition include apples, pumpkins, skulls, abandoned buildings and trees.
The history of Halloween or All Hallows’ Eve is rich especially in New England. According to many scholars the celebration incorporates traditions from pagan harvest festivals and festivals honoring the dead like the Celtic Samhain.
Artists included in this eerie exhibition include Howard Bonington, Aaron Bohrod (1907-1922), Heather Blume, Don Cadoret, Ralph Cahoon, Jr. (1910-1982), Frank Calidonna, William Tolman Carlton (1816-1888), James Henry Daugherty (1187-1974), Lamar William Dodd (1909-1996), Arthur Wesley Dow (1857-1922), Jane Eccles, Karekin Goekjian, Linda Gourley, James Meikle Guy (1909-1983), Marieluise Hutchinson, Sarah K. Lamb, Susan O’Brien McLean, Mary Moquin, Charles Munro, Jan Munro, John Francis Murphy (1853-1921), Robert Emmett Owen (1878-1957), Levi Wells Prentice (1851-1935), Chauncey F. Ryder (1868-1949), Gail Turner, Dale Michael Wade, and Karol Wyckoff.
An example of one of the works in the exhibition is a print by Howard Bonington called “The Secret Rite of the Fire Hydrants”. Howard has observed on the Cape each village codes its fire hydrants with different colors. He shows a secret rite of fire hydrants in the deep woods, which is reminiscent of Macbeth’s coven of witches around a boiling cauldron. Howard shows hydrants from various Cape villages assembling to celebrate a magic release from their everyday confinement.
Come join us for this Halloween season and experience what symbols are synonymous with Halloween or Hallows’ Eve.
Friday, September 21 from 5:30 to 7:00 pm
Tuesday, October 2, 11 a.m. –  Gallery talk with Richard Waterhouse. Richard will discuss the symbols of Halloween.
Tuesday, October 16, 7 p.m. – Wine and Book Discussion of the children's book "The Ghost of Jose Luis Munos and the Day of the Dead" by Joyce Prince. The author will be present and the book is for sale in the Museum Shop. RSVP by October 15 by calling the Museum (508)428-7581.
Gallery Talks and activities are included in the price of admission.

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