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"Making Perfect Popcorn" @ Woods Hole Public Library

When: Sat Oct 6th
2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Where: Woods Hole Public Library | 581 Woods Hole Road | Woods Hole


The author of “Making Perfect Popcorn”, John Beigel  will appear at the Woods Hole Public Library on Saturday, October 6, at 2 PM to talk about his favorite food and demonstrate how to make it. 
While he has devoted his professional life to physics and high technology electronics, Mr. Beigel has spent his free time perfecting popcorn. As a physicist, he has earned two advanced degrees in physics from the University
of Massachusetts and held two CEO positions in high-tech companies. He has also published two books and numerous articles in national and international magazines.
In recent years, John, a North Falmouth resident, turned his attention to documenting his skill, knowledge, and experimentation in making what he lovingly dubs “perfect popcorn.”
John’s love affair with popcorn began when he was four years old and greatly intensified during college, nearly 40 years ago. Since then, popcorn has not only been his favorite snack but one of his favorite meals—Friday night
In four decades of popcorn making, John has tried various types of popcorn kernels, oils, cook tops, and cookware, and he’s markedly improved his process and results. He’s employed an array of popping approaches and tried
various flavorings, seasonings, and herbs—all in his quest for perfection.
An organic gardener and avid fisherman, John brings a conscious commitment to having fresh, healthy ingredients in his popcorn making.
This event is free and open to the public. All ages are welcome. For more information, call the Woods Hole Public Library at 508-548-8961 or check out the website 

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