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"Epic Journeys: Tracking the Migrations of Shorebirds in the Western Hemisphere" @ Cape Cod Museum of Natural History

When: Mon Oct 8th
7:30 pm - 9:30 pm

Where: Cape Cod Museum of Natural History | 869 Main Street | Brewster


Shawn Carey  -  “Epic Journeys: Tracking the Migrations of Shorebirds in the Western Hemisphere” by Shawn Carey and Jim Grady (Migration Productions)
Each year millions of shorebirds make an amazing round-trip journey between the Northern and Southern hemisphere. Migration Productions’ newest video, “Epic Journeys”, looks at three shorebird species—Red Knot, Piping Plover and Semipalmated Sandpiper—and the challenges these species face during each of their monumental annual treks. Interviews and footage were shot on Plymouth Beach and South Beach in Massachusetts, the Bay of Fundy in Canada, and Cape May/Delaware Bay area in New Jersey. In spring Red Knots travel from south to north, stopping and concentrating by the thousands in the Delaware Bay area in New Jersey where they fuel up on Horseshoe Crab eggs in order to complete their long final flight to the Arctic. The film examines how the decline in Horseshoe Crab populations has impacted the very survival of this species. The cute and perky Piping Plover is a species that breeds on beaches in coastal communities in Massachusetts and is currently surviving despite heavy skunk and fox predation and invasions by beach buggies in the 1980′s to the point where their breeding numbers fell to record low numbers. “Epic Journeys” shows how improved beach management programs in Massachusetts since 1992 have aided the plover’s numbers to increase and come back in the last 20 years. Finally “Epic Journeys” features Semipalmated Sandpipers that gather in massive and dramatic numbers in New Brunswick’s Bay of Fundy in Canada before taking wing and flying 3000 thousand miles southward to South America. Migration Productions video asks burning questions: What is being done to help protect these shorebirds and their habitat? How can the public help with their conservation? And where can one go to best see each of these species en-route to their destinations?
Shawn Carey (Migration Productions) produces bird/wildlife related Multi-media Presentations, videos and photo workshops that have been presented at many natural history events all over the United States. Shawn moved for his home in Erie, Pennsylvania October 1986 to Cambridge Massachusetts and started watching birds in 1988. Already with an interest in photography and now birds Shawn began to combine the two in 1991. By 1994 he and good friend Jim Grady started Migration Productions as a way to present their multimedia presentations to a live audience. Migration Productions has been presenting programs to natural history and birding organizations and camera clubs since 1994. (Mass Audubon, Manomet, Eastern Mass Hawk Watch, Hawk Mountain Sanctuary and many local bird and camera clubs). Migration Productions offers the finest quality bird/wildlife programs with stunning photographs, video, sound tracks, and interviews with many people involved with bird watching and natural history topics. Shawn's photos have been published in the Boston Globe, New York Times, Mass Audubon Sanctuary magazine, Science magazine, Hawk Mountain Sanctuary magazine and many others over the last 15+ years. In 1997 he started teaching bird photography workshops (Fundamentals of Bird Photography) for the Massachusetts Audubon Society. For additional information

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