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Alternative Nuclear Power Technology Discussion @ Unitarian Universalist Meetinghouse

When: Wed Dec 12th
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Where: Unitarian Universalist Fellowship | 840 Sandwich Road | East Falmouth


Unitarian Universalists Host Discussion of an Alternative Nuclear
Power Technology
The public is invited to a presentation on Liquid Fluoride Thorium
Reactors, a radically different approach to nuclear power. The event
will be held on Wednesday, December 12, 2012, 7:00 PM, at the
Unitarian Universalist meetinghouse, 840 Sandwich Road, in East
The program, “A Nuclear Reactor in Your Salt Shaker: A Viable
Alternative to Plutonium Nuclear Reactors,” will be presented by
Robert Kieronski and Michael Armenia, engineers who live in Newport,
Rhode Island.  They will describe the economic and safety benefits of
Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactors as an alternative to currently
operating commercial power reactors like those at the Pilgrim and
Fukushima plants.
Robert Kieronski was a civilian employee of the U.S. Navy for twenty
years working in naval weapons nuclear safety programs.  Since
retiring he has been studying energy issues, in general, and
concentrating particularly on new nuclear technologies.  Michael
Armenia is currently a research program manager at Raytheon and also
has naval nuclear experience with submarine reactors.  Both Kieronski
and Armenia are active in national conferences of physicists and
engineers considering alternative nuclear power options.
“One of our objectives for this presentation is to help reduce the
fearful knee-jerk reaction to the words “nuclear” and “radiation,”
said Mr. Kieronski.  According to him, this public opposition to
nuclear power has helped stall the development of safer technologies.
Fluoride thorium nuclear reactor technology was explored during the
1960s but, despite its proven potential, a combination of political,
military and budgetary issues blocked its further development at that
time.  As a result, this class of reactor is not currently being
developed in the United States although such work is progressing in
China and elsewhere.
Admission to the program is free.  It is sponsored by UUFF’s Adult
Education Committee.  The UUFF meetinghouse is accessible for people
with disabilities. More information about the event is available from
Don Mallinson, 774-255-1745 or

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