Fit & Happy: Surviving Summer, Fit & Happy!

Meredith Nixon - Meredith Nixon

FINALLY, summer is upon us! Without denying yourself the fun of the season, learn how to survive the summer without losing the shape you’ve worked so hard for all spring and have fun while sticking to your health and fitness plans. Like always, moderation is the key. Here are a few of my favorite summer treats and tips on keeping them clean and healthy!


King-sized, juicy steaks are nice, but they can also pack the most incredible amounts of calories. If you barbeque, make sure to get lean beef, or even better, skinless chicken breasts! Have you tried fish? Salmon and swordfish aren’t half bad! Whichever you choose, leave the bread/bun for someone else and keep it low carb.   You should also avoid extra fat and carbs and stay away from the potato chips. Instead, pack your plate with salad and veggies!

Ice Cream

The Cape is full of incredible Ice Cream Shoppes. I wait all season for my favorite one to reopen. If you are indulging; try and stick to frozen yogurts, sorbets or low sugar options. Choose a flavor that is simple, and not full of extras.  Ditch the toppings and cone and order yourself a “kiddie” size cup instead. When buying at a store, as always, read the label.  Even though the "light" versions are better, they STILL pack a lot of calories.  If you’re really trying to be extra good, frozen popsicles are the lowest calorie option, just watch the additives. 


Beaches, barbeques and beer seem to go hand in hand. Frozen coladas or fruity drinks are also one of the season’s biggest temptations. Whatever your choice of drink, keep yourself under control. Avoid high calorie drinks filled with sugar/carbs; alcohol has almost as many calories per gram as fat and 0 protein. With no real nutritional value, we’re simply wasting precious calories. Alcohol will also throw off your entire hormone balance for up to a week which means no muscle growth and increased fat storage.


Most of us take time off during the summer. Whether you’re vacationing or have house guests, too much R&R will catch up to you quickly. If you have a one week vacation - by all means, go ahead and rest. However, if we're talking 3-4 weeks of doing nothing, it's time to rethink your plans. Taking time off from work, doesn’t mean taking time off from working out and eating well.  We can start losing muscle mass due to inactivity in as little as  2 weeks or so, so you want to make sure to at least get some strength training in during your vacation. Keep your eating as clean as possible and balance any “cheats” with plenty of exercise and lots of water!

Your summer can be FUN & Fit & Happy.  It’s all about indulging wisely and continuing to work towards your health and fitness goals, even if it’s at a summertime pace.

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Meredith Nixon is a fitness enthusiast with a passion for motivating and inspiring others.

She uses her personal experiences from achieving her own weight loss goals to understand her clients and motivate them to love themselves and to be happy, healthy and fit. She teaches people how to live a healthy lifestyle and keep weight off forever with life changing results both inside and out.

Since 2007 Meredith has been the sole proprietor of her own health clubs. The Fitness Company for Women in Mashpee, The Fitness Company (coed) in East Falmouth , and most recently, FitCo Weight loss & Wellness Center of Cape Cod.


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