Upper Cape Living: Four Tips For Curb Appeal Boosting Landscaping

We use the phrase "curb appeal" all the time to describe a critical element of the home selling and buying process. It's something that we can't really put a value on, though you better believe we've tried. In reality, it's nothing more than a fancy term we've come up with to describe "making a good first impression." Big things like paint, the roof, windows, and architecture play into it, but so does something that's not actually a part of the house at all:


It's true - a nice yard and a few shapely shrubs can add value to your home and will definitely help with a quicker sale. Like the shoes make the outfit, landscaping makes the house. Go through any subdivision on Cape Cod or anywhere else, and look at the houses. Which ones stick in your mind the most? The ones with a neat yard and some flowering plants. Potential buyers will notice the same things about your home. Put a little extra time and effort into caring for your lawn and gardens, and watch it go a long way when you try and sell the house.

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Here are our four tips to a great yard:

rea column photo

The landscaping at 35 Karyn Jane Avenue isn't fancy or super-expensive, but is very well maintained. Well-shaped shrubs and mulch make for an appealing approach to the house. View Listing

1.) Take Care of It

OK, so this one is obvious but often overlooked. Yes, do things like watering regularly and weeding when you get the chance, but that alone is not enough. Get out there every now and then with the hedge trimmers and trim and shape your hedges and bushes, clear out the undergrowth that loves to sneak in under your plantings and edge your gardens. Every "little thing" adds up and contributes to a thriving lawn and garden. Do your research and find out what you should do to each shrub. For instance, trim your hydrangeas back in the spring to ensure a shapely and full bloom in the summer months.

rea column photo

Even in this image from early May, 300 Menauhant Road's evergreen shrubs are in full color as the rest of the landscaping starts to bloom. If you're showing in early spring, little touches like this make a big difference. View Listing

2.) Green is a Color Too

Flowers are great. There's nothing we love more than pulling up to a listing and seeing a garden in full bloom with reds, yellows, pinks and blues everywhere. However, you can go overboard - remember, green is a color too! Pick a few low-maintenance evergreen bushes, plant some saplings or just ask your local landscaper what they recommend. You want landscaping that's going to appeal to every taste and not be a whale to maintain. In the colder fall and winter months, these bushes provide valuable protection from piercing cold winds and can actually save you some money on your heating and electric bills!

rea column photo

The landscaping at 65 Saddleback Way is gorgeous on its own, but what truly makes the front porch spectacular is the stone pathway and well-cared for facade of the front porch. The flowering planters near the door carry the welcoming feeling of the garden right onto the covered porch. View Listing

3.) Don't Forget About the Hard Stuff

Bricks and stones may break your bones but they can also make your landscaping! Well-maintained brick pathways, a couple of attractive stones in your garden, a flagstone patio that's perfect for a fire pit or even just a clean, weed-free concrete walkway make great first impressions on homebuyers and are lasting investments you can make in your home's appearance. Your front walk is absolutely a part of your landscaping, and should be treated as such. Add flowering planters at the top or bottom of the walkway for a truly majestic approach to your home.

rea column photo

Even down on the waterfront, landscaping makes a difference. The first approach many people make to this home is from the dock, so the owner invested in a landscape architect to ensure that the grounds looked good all year-round. We took this picture in late winter. View Listing

4.) Plant for Year-Round Blooming

This one takes a little bit of an investment - both in time and in money. If you're the owner of a home close to the beach, it's absolutely worth it to reach out to a professional landscaper and get their opinion on what will work best in your location. You want landscaping that will be in bloom from April through October. Trust us, there's nothing like being the only home on the block that still has flowers and green grass on October 10th. We show a lot of homes in May and June and even more in September and October, meaning that those are the most important months to have your home looking its best.

Any other great tips? Leave them in the comments and we'll include them in the next edition!


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