Ballymeade Homeowners to Pay for Water Main

Homeowners in the Ballymeade housing development will soon be paying for a water transmission main that was built in 2004.

At Monday’s board of selectmen meeting, town counsel Frank K. Duffy announced that the homeowners are to pay a capital improvement fee of $1,200 to $1,300 each. 

Back at the 2002 Fall Town Meeting, voters approved an article to assess the 300 homes in the Hatchville neighborhood $535,000 to build a water main connecting their homes with the newly built water tower at Falmouth’s Technology Park. The project was completed under budget for $400,000.


Whether to charge the fee in one lump sum or allow smaller payments over time will be decided at the next board of selectmen meeting on Monday. Selectman Kevin E. Murphy asked Mr. Duffy to consider a low interest rate and said the town isn’t looking to make money from this.

Town officials were hoping to collect the capital improvement fee after resolving ongoing issues with the homeowners.

Department of Public Works director Raymond A. Jack said the town had voted to accept the water mains and Ballymeade will own the pumping station.

The fight began in 2004 when the town replaced the water tower in the technology park and decommissioned a booster pumping station on Sam Turner Road that had previously serviced Ballymeade. They eventually filed a lawsuit against the town. Mr. Jack said that the new water tower was built to ensure that residents would receive proper fire protection.

Town officials acknowledged that it led to lower water pressure, but said the water pressure was still within regulatory limits. Selectmen agreed to enter into mediation with the Ballymeade Property Owners Association.

Recently, board members have been meeting in executive session about the lawsuit. Mr. Jack said a resolution is forthcoming. 


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