Bullet Found in East Falmouth School

Falmouth police are investigating the discovery late last week of a bullet in an East Falmouth Elementary School classroom.

Lieutenant Brian L. Reid said the department was contacted by school officials at 8:12 AM last Thursday, after a custodian discovered a single .22 caliber round under a rug underneath a table. The round was determined to have been a live bullet.

Lt. Reid said the matter is under investigation by police and the school department, but said there was no way for them to determine how long the bullet had been in the room, how it got there, or who brought it into the school.

He added that there was nothing to indicate that students were ever in any danger.

This was the second time in four months a live round of ammunition was found on school property. In December a parent found a bullet, also a .22 caliber round, on the steps of the Lawrence School.


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