Busy Night For Falmouth Police

Police arrested Robert A. Green, 35, of Falmouth on Thursday night, August 21, on charges of assault to murder after he allegedly attacked and badly injured a man inside Walmart, and later allegedly shot an arrow out of a crossbow at another man at a house on Homestead Lane, narrowly missing him. He allegedly assaulted a third Falmouth man as well.

And a woman is on the loose who police believed stabbed another woman in the parking lot of Windfall Market on Scranton Avenue last night. Police believe that both of the women had interacted with Mr. Green earlier in the day.

In a press release sent by Lieutenant John (Sean) Doyle this morning at 10:30, police said that they believed that drugs and alcohol were involved.


At approximately 9 o’clock that Thursday night officers were dispatched to the interior of the Walmart for a report of an assault. They found a 29-year-old male, not yet identified, suffering from head trauma. The man allegedly had an altercation with Mr. Green. Mr. Green allegedly punched him, knocked him out, then stomped on his head causing significant injuries. Mr. Green fled the scene before police arrived.

At approximately 10:55 that same night, police responded to the Windfall parking lot for the report of a stabbing. Two women, who had allegedly been with Mr. Green a few minutes prior, engaged in a fight. One woman, 30, from East Falmouth, had been stabbed numerous times in the back. She sustained serious injuries and was transported by ambulance to a Boston area hospital, police reported. The suspect, 24, from Falmouth, has not yet been located, police reported.

At approximately 12:30 AM, police were dispatched to a residence on Homestead Lane for the report of a fight. During the fight, Mr. Green allegedly shot an arrow at another East Falmouth man, 35. The arrow allegedly narrowly missed him, police reported. Mr. Green then fled the residence before police arrived.

At approximately 1:26 AM, police returned to the Homestead Lane address because Mr. Green had returned and was smashing the windows to the residence. He also reportedly assaulted another Falmouth resident, a 39-year-old man. Captain Barney Murphy from the Barnstable County Sheriff’s Office was on scene almost immediately and he placed Mr. Green under arrest.

Among Mr. Green’s charges are assault to murder, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, armed robbery, malicious destruction of property and larceny.

Police did not report on the current condition of the four victims.

The matter remains under investigation and there are likely to be other people charged in connection with the incidents. Police reported that none of the crimes were random.


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