Cape Cod Winery Has New Owners; Wine Tasting On Site Planned

Cape Cod Winery is reopening under new ownership and at a new location.

Peter B. and Erika S. Orlandella of Falmouth purchased the business, formerly located on Sandwich Road, from Dr. Antonio A. and Kristina G. Lazzari on January 1. The Orlandellas are in the process of turning their three-acre lot at 4 Oxbow Road into a small boutique winery.

“We were looking for an opportunity to invest in a Cape Cod business and we came across this opportunity,” Ms. Orlandella said. "We fell in love with the Lazzari family and they made it seem like this dream could be possible.”

Ms. Orlandella is working with the town for the necessary permits to build an onsite tasting room, manufacturing hub, gift shop and a patio for outdoor wine sampling. She is aiming for a grand opening in late August.


Meanwhile the Orlandellas are able to sell wine they made last year with the Lazzaris' help at the former winery. They produced and bottled seven varieties that are on local liquor shelves, including a beach plum chardonnay made with local fruit, a pinot grigio, a merlot/cabernet blend and a blueberry wine.

The Orlandellas transplanted pinot grigio grape vines from the Lazzaris that are growing on the new site. They will turn the grapes to wine this fall. They also purchased 1-year-old merlot and cabernet franc grape vines from California that they will plant this summer.

Eventually Ms. Orlandella wants to add a rose and a prosecco—an Italian sparkling wine—to the wine list.

The plans for the 40 x 60-square-foot barn structure are currently under review by the town. If approved, the open-concept barn will house the wine-making equipment including the crusher and fermenting vats, and a tasting area with tables.

This is the Orlandellas' first foray into wine making, but Ms. Orlandella has a background in the craft beer business as a development manager. She said with her background and with the Lazzaris' coaching, she and her husband are armed and ready to begin making wine. 


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