CVS Will Start Falmouth Remodel Soon, East Falmouth To Follow

The CVS/Pharmacy chain has plans underway to rebuild its two stores in town, one on Davis Straits, the other on East Falmouth Highway.

Demolition and reconstruction of the CVS on Davis Straits is expected to begin soon, representatives of the project told the Falmouth Planning Board on August 26.

The current CVS building and three abutting buildings on Davis Straits, including a historic house built in the 1800s, will be demolished to make way for the new development. The new pharmacy will be 15,300 square feet. A 3,000-square-foot Cape Cod Cooperative Bank will be built on the lot as well.

Raúl Lizardi-Rivera, an engineer with Holmes and McGrath, applied to the board August 26 to convert the three lots into two, which the board approved.


The plans for the new building feature areas with patterned shingles, more windows than the existing building has, improved landscaping, and what planning board chairman Patricia H. Kerfoot called “a less corporate feel” than the current design.

The planning board approved the plans for the Davis Straits pharmacy and bank in February.

Representatives of CVS on August 26 also presented plans for the store on East Falmouth Highway at Davisville Road to the planning board.

“The building is old and tired,” said George Gamache of ADAM Associates. “We think we have a nice plan that we think will be a benefit to the community.”

Proposed improvements include a drive-through window on the east side of the pharmacy and, to reduce congestion, a curb cut to the pharmacy that will be farther away from the East Falmouth Highway intersection. The plans also feature a retaining wall similar to the new rock wall in front of the Dunkin’ Donuts at that intersection.

According to the plan, the pharmacy’s exterior will be made out of wooden shingles and trim.

“It will have a Cape Cod look,” Mr. Gamache said. The landscape plan will be improved upon as well, he said.

Demolition and reconstruction of the new CVS on East Falmouth Highway will begin in September next year, when the Davis Straits CVS is complete.


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