Drinks At Falmouth Bowling Alley

Ryan Family Amusements, a chain of bowling alleys and arcades, could soon be serving alcohol at its Falmouth Town Hall Square location, pending approval from the state.

The Falmouth Board of Selectmen unanimously approved the company’s request to pour wine and beer at their Falmouth location during  the board of selectmen meeting on June 9, with the understanding the alcohol would be confined to certain areas of the amusement center.

“We’re not abandoning the emphasis on family fun, just allowing people to have a drink in a very controlled area,” said Paul R. Tardiff, a Yarmouthport lawyer speaking for the company.


During the hearing, selectman Rebecca Moffitt asked if there are instances when parents drop off children and leave them at the center unsupervised, to which Mr. Tardiff replied yes.

“This concerns me that there will now be alcohol present,” she said.

Mr. Tardif said the company has systems and policies in place to ensure minors do not have access to alcohol, including only serving beer and wine in translucent cups and restricting where it can be consumed. 

The company’s plan is to allow drinking alcohol in a small area with tables and chairs located between the bowling lanes and the game room.The area is next to the main cashier and bowling shoe rental center. Mr. Tardiff said they will place “no alcohol” signs in the lanes and game room.

Currently, the company serves beer, wine and pizza at its Hyannis, Buzzards Bay, South Yarmouth and Millis locations. Mr. Tadiff said they are not looking at this as a huge revenue source for them, noting that alcohol receipts in the Buzzards Bay center amount to 2.3 percent of its yearly total sales.

“Maybe a glass of wine will help my score,” board of selectmen chairman Mary (Pat) Flynn jokingly said. 


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