Falmouth Board Of Selectmen Briefs June 2, 2014

Without questions or discussion, the Falmouth Board of Selectmen unanimously approved the St. Mark’s Road affordable housing project.

“You are all familiar with the project as it has been in the works for five years, and I thank you for your support,” said Anne C. Saganic, the head of the Falmouth Housing Trust.

The project includes building three single family homes: two Cape-style houses and one ranch on a one-acre parcel on the corner of St. Mark’s Road and 761 Teaticket Highway. The homes will each have three bedrooms and two bathrooms and will be sold for $185,000 to qualified buyers.

The houses are valued at $215,000. A $120,000 grant from the Community Preservation Committee will shore up the rest of the funding.

The three houses will share a common driveway off Teaticket Highway and will have a Cape Cod Regional Transit Authority bus stop at the head of the driveway.

“This is a great project,” said selectman Susan Lynn Moran.
* * *
Assistant town manager Heather B. Harper announced the Golf Advisory Group will hold a public forum June 17 at 6 PM at the Falmouth Country Club. She encouraged residents interested in golf to attend.

* * *

During the public comment portion of the meeting, Mark P. Finneran of Trotting Park Road requested the board to post the Monday night selectmen’s meeting agenda online.

“It would foster greater public participation and open government,” he said.

The chairman of the coastal pond management committee, George R. Hampson announced, his committee needs to fill a fifth position as soon as possible. With the vacancy, the committee is unable to vote.

* * *

Selectmen voted in favor of placing a conservation restriction on a 2.15-acre parcel extending from Metoxit Road to the Moonakis River. The plot, owned by Martin and Ellen Pildis, is on what now are two buildable lots and is almost entirely within the statewide land conservation plan.

The lawyer representing the owners, Robert H. Ament, said The 300 Committee has agreed to hold the restriction and the Pildises qualified for a state $50,000 tax credit for the land that will be placed in perpetuity.

Selectman Douglas H. Jones asked what the tax ramifications would be for losing the taxable lot.

Mr. Ament said the two lots are currently assessed between $500,000 and $600,000 and with a conservation restriction, the value of the land for tax purposes would be reduced by 80 percent.

* * *

The board approved construction of a dock in West Falmouth Harbor. John F. Austin of Lummis Lane requested to tear down his existing dock and build a new one on his property.

Although the new float does not sit three feet above the harbor floor, it does float higher than the existing float.

“The purpose of the three-foot rule at low tide is to keep boat engines from scouring the bottom, adversely affecting shellfish and eelgrass. There isn’t any eelgrass or shellfish in this part of the harbor,” said lawyer Robert H. Ament. He also said the owners received an order of conditions from the conservation commission.

* * *

The board authorized the town to accept two grants totaling $75,000 from the Cape Cod Water Protection Collaborative to help pay for Falmouth’s shellfish demonstration project and a groundwater study for a potential permeable reactive barrier demonstration.

Anastasia K. Karplus, the town’s technical liaison for the water quality management committee, said neither grant requires matching funds.

The demonstration projects were funded through Article 17 of the April 2011 Town Meeting.

* * *

The board also granted a pre-application proposal for the conservation commission to pursue a grant to improve the water quality in Wild Harbor. The application to the Southern New England Coastal Watershed Restoration Program is due June 9.

Conservation Commission chairman Elizabeth H. Gladfelter said the grant would be used to restore a 17-acre marsh habitat that is encircled by homes in New Silver Beach.

Ms. Flynn asked who would provide the matching funds.

Ms. Gladfelter said if approved, matching funds could come via in-kind services that the town has already completed.

Ms. Flynn suggested giving the green light to apply since the board would have more time to ask detailed questions if the pre-application is approved.

* * *

Selectmen approved a request from Deborah D. Maguire of Liam Maguire’s Irish Pub and Restaurant to begin serving alcohol at 10 AM on Sundays instead of the current time of noon.

* * *

The  board approved sign variances to ArtsFalmouth, Inc. to hang flags along Main Street from June 15 to 22 and to the Sea Education Association at 171 Woods Hole Road to add a sign on its property for their SEA Semester program.

* * *

David W. Neilson of Coastal Vineyards of South Dartmouth was granted a special license to sell wine from June 5 to October 9 at the Falmouth Farmers Market.

* * *

The board granted the Falmouth Fireworks Committee a wine and malt beverages license to serve alcohol at the Falmouth Heights ball field from 3 to 8:30 PM on July 4.

* * *

The board granted Sally Anne Ward of Valley Village, California, a wedding/commitment ceremony and parking permit for August 10 from 5 to 6:30 PM at Chapoquoit Beach. Selectmen agreed to the date during the height of summer with the condition that only 10 vehicles may park in the beach parking lot.

* * *

Selectmen proclaimed June 5 as North Falmouth Elementary School Day. The proclamation reads, “Today the school celebrates 50 years of educating children and bringing their school motto, ‘Work Hard! Be Nice! Have fun!’ to life each day.”


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