Falmouth Commodores Bring Back Jeff Trundy

In an emergency meeting Wednesday night the Falmouth Commodores Board of Directors reinstated Jeff Trundy as head coach, which prompted the resignations of the team president, general manager, and secretary.

“The board voted that the Falmouth Commodores should reinstate Jeff Trundy as manager,” said Vice President Steve M. Kostas. The majority of the 19 voting board members voted in favor of reinstating Mr. Trundy, Mr. Kostas said, but he would not give the number of votes on each side.

Mr. Trundy, a Falmouth coach for the past 17 years, accepted the position and said he was enormously grateful to have the opportunity to coach the Falmouth Commodores again next summer.

“It was an emotional period of time, because a big chunk of your life seemed like it was taken away,” Mr. Trundy said. “At the same time, once the dust settled after a few days, the support was truly unimaginable.”

It was an emotional period of time, because a big chunk of your life seemed like it was taken away. At the same time, once the dust settled after a few days, the support was truly unimaginable.

                                                      Jeff Trundy

Hundreds of people reached out to him to express their support, he said. “It was kind of a bizarre situation and probably something that doesn’t happen to most people,” he said.

The move reversed General Manager Robert P. Clark’s decision two weeks ago to replace Mr. Trundy with Dan Donato as the head coach of the Cape Cod Baseball League team.

As a result of the reversal Mr. Clark, his wife, Christine Clark, who is the president, and Helen Kennedy, secretary, all resigned from their positions with the team, Mr. Kostas said.

“When you’re dealing with these types of decisions, not everyone is going to be happy with the outcome,” Mr. Kostas said. “But I think the meeting was handled professionally.”

All officers of the Falmouth Commodores are unpaid volunteers: their terms last one year and expire in October. Mr. Kostas thanked all three members for their work as volunteers for the team over the years.

The meeting took place at the Gus Canty Community Center and was scheduled to begin in executive session and then transition as an open meeting. But after two hours of discussion, the group had not finished the executive session by the time the building closed at 9 PM.

Several board members who asked not to be named described the meeting as emotionally draining and confrontational at times.

Mr. Kostas said the organization had been through many hard times over the years, and would persevere through this as well.

“The Falmouth Commodores belong to the Town of Falmouth, not to the board of directors,” Mr. Kostas said. “We have to put this behind us and all work together toward a positive end.”

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Mr. Clark’s decision to release Mr. Trundy and hire Mr. Donato was done without the knowledge of the entire board of directors and proved divisive. At a meeting last week, some members of the board attempted to reinstate Mr. Trundy, which resulted in discussions of potential liability and the call for the emergency meeting Wednesday.

In an interview on Monday, Mr. Clark said he was within his rights as general manager to appoint the coach without the approval of the board of directors.

But the bylaws of the organization appear to be in conflict. One bylaw states that the general manager appoints the coaches of the team. Another bylaw states that the board of directors will “offer advice and consent to the appointment of coaches and other members.”

Reached by telephone yesterday, Mr. Clark referred all questions to his lawyer, William K. Mackey. Attempts to contact Mr. Mackey were unsuccessful.

Mr. Kostas said he would serve as acting president until the annual meeting of the Falmouth Commodores Board of Directors next month. Assistant general manager Eric S. Zmuda will serve as acting general manager.


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