Falmouth Curriculum Director Officially Resigns, Superintendent Silent

After close to a month of not reporting to work, amid rumors that he had been fired, Mark C. Wilson, Falmouth Public Schools director of curriculum and instruction, has resigned.

At 10:56 AM on Friday, August 1, superintendent Bonny L. Gifford wrote in an e-mail that she had “just received a letter of resignation from Mr. Wilson.”

When called at her office shortly thereafter, Dr. Gifford was unavailable for further comment. Dr. Gifford’s secretary, Ginny Deluca, said Dr. Gifford was on a conference call and would then be leaving on vacation.


No statement beyond the announcement of the resignation has been issued, and a copy of the resignation letter was not shared.

Chairman of the Falmouth School Committee Susan E. Augusta said Mr. Wilson left “to pursue an employment opportunity elsewhere.”

School committee member Judith Fenwick said she was authorized only to make the same statement.

Mr. Wilson has not returned requests for comment.


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