Falmouth Man Plans Legal Action After Incident At McDonald’s

A Falmouth man said management at the McDonald restaurant in Falmouth failed to help his 14-year-old daughter after she was allegedly threatened by a young man with a knife while eating at the restaurant on Memorial Day.

Cody W. Marandola, the father of the girl, said he spoke with police after the incident and they confirmed that a McDonald’s manager on duty did not notify police after his daughter fled from a table when a man approached her with a knife.

Mr. Marandola’s daughter was eating ice cream with her friends at the Teaticket fast-food restaurant at approximately 8 PM on Memorial Day when another girl walked by her table and commented on the quality of her shoes.

The girl who commented sat down at another table with a friend. She and her friend, a 24-year-old man, continued to look over at the 14-year-old girl’s shoes. The man told his friend that he would “cop” the shoes, what police said is slang for steal. He then walked toward the 14-year-old girl, holding a knife by his side, a police report read.


After reviewing restaurant surveillance, police noted that the 14-year-old fled from her table to another area of the restaurant. A friend of the 14-year-old girl asked a manager on duty to call police. A mother of one of the friends was also notified of the incident, arrived on the scene and called police.

Twenty-three minutes after the manager of the McDonald’s was asked to call police, police arrived.

Mr. Marandola believed that the McDonald’s manager on duty never called police because she was friends with the knife-bearer. He spoke with Sergeant Benjamin C. Guthrie of the Falmouth Police Department over the weekend and Sgt. Guthrie confirmed his suspicions. After reviewing phone records, Sgt. Guthrie said that the McDonald’s personnel made no call to the police station and the only call to police was made by the mother.

Police said that the 24-year-old with the knife called them following the incident and said that his actions were misunderstood by the girl. He said that he had not meant to threaten her. Police have not charged him with any crimes.

Mr. Marandola said that his daughter is traumatized by the incident. He said he has sought legal counsel and plans to take McDonald’s to court.


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