Falmouth Marriage Returns April 30, 2014

Marriage Intentions

Stephen J. Gilhooly, 62, Holmes Street, North Falmouth, and Lisa B. Wallace, Holmes Street, North Falmouth.

Glenn C. Harrison, 52, Starboard Drive, East Falmouth, and Ann C. Peters, 51, Starboard Drive, East Falmouth, to be married May 17.

Christopher G. Murphy, 51, Backus River Road, East Falmouth, and Sharon M. Rapoza, 48, Backus River, East Falmouth.

John C. Claydon, 39, Palmer Avenue, Falmouth, and Emmanuelle H. Bonnafoux, 36, Palmer Avenue, to be married on May 31.

Richard B. Desmond, 62, Wiley Post Lane, East Falmouth and Colee F. Kellogg, 61, Kingston, to be married May 31.

Phillip L. Melton, 40, Corte Real Avenue, East Falmouth, and Elizabeth M. Clark, 43, Plum Hollow Road, East Falmouth.

Joshua A. Raymond, 28, Kathy Ann Lane, Falmouth, and Alicia J. Bowell, 26, Kathy Ann Lane, Falmouth.


George R. Rudolph, 64, Landfall, Falmouth, and Monica G. Smith, 64, Landfall, Falmouth, to be married on June 8.

Thomas P. Tully, 31, Carlson Lane, Falmouth and Lindsey A. St. Jean, 29, Carlson Lane, Falmouth, to be married on May 31.

Marriage Returns

Matthew R. Frei, 43, Atlanta, married Jonathan H. Bulau, 32, Atlanta, on May 3 in Boston.

Amanda Masch-Jacobs, 47, Bedford Street, Falmouth, married Mark C. Hamill, 54, Bedford Street, Falmouth, on May 3 in Falmouth.

Shea M. Quinn, 27, West Palm Beach, Florida, married Jennifer L. Vanetti, 27, West Palm Beach, Florida, on May 3 in Falmouth.

Alexander R. Mondino, 27, Nye Road, Falmouth, married Andrea N. Dixon, 32, Nye Road, Falmouth, on May 9 in Falmouth.

Michael E. Hayes Jr., 30, Brooklyn, New York, married Ryan Ann Clark, 31, Brooklyn, New York, on May 10 in Falmouth.

Annette I. Martel, 58, Gosnold, married Alexander Forbes, 65, Nova Scotia, on May 10 in Falmouth.


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