Falmouth Police Briefs April 11, 2014

Friday, April 11

10:20 AM: A resident of Rose Morin Lane, East Falmouth, reported a domestic dispute.

2:04 PM: A woman from Cranberry Crossing, East Famouth, reported that someone attempted to gain access to her Comcast cable account.

2:35 PM: Police responded to the report of a death on Rose Morin Lane in East Falmouth. A woman, 61, died. Police reported nothing suspicious in the death.

3:02 PM: A resident of Oak Ridge Road in Teaticket requested police assistance to check on the welfare of an elderly woman. Police reported that the woman was safe.

5:02 PM: A resident of Spring Bars Road, Falmouth, reported that a woman was on his property and he did not want her there. An officer responded and assisted the resident.

6:02 PM: Caitlyn McGhee, 14, of Pershing Drive, Falmouth, said a black pickup truck struck her as she walked toward her grandmother’s vehicle in the Lawrence School parking lot. The driver of the truck left the scene and their identity is still unknown. Caitlyn said that she stumbled on a trailer hitch that extended from the truck and that the driver knowingly left the area. She was not transported to a hospital for any injury. An investigation is ongoing.

6:38 PM: Police assisted fire department personnel after a resident of Oyster Pond Road, Falmouth, reported that a relative needed assistance.


7:20 PM: Police received a report that a pig was on the loose on F.R. Lillie Road in Woods Hole. Police were unaware if the owner or someone else reported the incident. Police contacted Falmouth Animal Control.

9:24 PM: A woman from Russell Road, Falmouth, reported that she heard someone banging on her house. An officer checked the area but could not locate any suspicious persons.
Saturday, April 12

12:31 AM: A resident of Carriage Shop Road, East Falmouth, reported a suspicious man and woman in the neighborhood who walked around a vehicle. An officer responded and the two left.

2:05 AM: A resident of Nobska Road, Woods Hole, reported they heard people yelling and screaming as they passed the residence.

10:52 AM: Police responded to Seacoast Shores Boulevard, East Falmouth, for the report of an argument between two neighbors. Police said the neighbors argued about dogs coming  onto their property and the noise of dirt bikes.

12:43 PM: A resident of East Falmouth Highway reported that his medication was taken from his unlocked vehicle. He has not yet filed a written report with police upon their request.

1:16 PM: A woman brought a stray dog to the police station that she found wandering around East Falmouth. Police referred the case to animal control.

5:05 PM: A resident of Alderberry Lane, East Falmouth, reported someone operating a dirt bike illegally in the area.

5:39 PM: An officer recognized the operator of a Nissan Altima that drove along Route 28 near Davisville Square in East Falmouth. The officer knew the operator’s license had been revoked. The officer located the vehicle again on Acapesket Road and eventually pulled him over on Carol Avenue in East Falmouth. The operator said he was looking for a house to rent. The officer arrested the man, identified as Donald A. DePonte, 38, of Falmouth, for operating a motor vehicle with a license revoked and for failing to wear a seat belt. He was booked without incident.

5:47 PM: Gary R. Navickas, 61, Edgewater East Drive, East Falmouth, reversed his truck into a parked car while he attempted to leave Teaticket Market on Teaticket Highway. Mr. Navickas’s truck had prior damage on its rear bumper and there was no new damage. The other vehicle received minor damages.

10:14 PM: Police received a report that three intoxicated females had acted disorderly on a Steamship Authority bus. The three woman got off the bus at the hospital lights and took a taxi home.

Sunday, April 13

4:03 AM: Police responded to East Falmouth after they received a report that a man was standing on the island at the intersection of Route 151 and Sandwich Road. Police responded and smelled a strong odor of alcohol on the man. They identified him as Joel D. Michelsen, 24, of Judy Ann Drive, East Falmouth. Police attempted unsuccessfully to bring Mr. Michelsen to a friend’s house. He was then placed in protective custody without incident

4:21 AM: Stephen Bird, 46, of Sippewissett Road, Falmouth, called to report that he woke up and saw a sport utility vehicle parked in front of his house. The vehicle, he said, had a dome light on and he heard someone yell at someone to get in the car. The vehicle then sped off. The resident reported that five dollar bills and loose change were stolen from his vehicle.
As police recorded the information, an officer noticed that Mr. Bird had three active warrants out for his arrest from Hingham, Orleans and Ayer courts, all for motor vehicle infractions. Police went to his house and arrested him.

8:59 AM: Police responded to a domestic dispute on Tarpon Road, East Falmouth.

11:08 AM: An officer ran the license plate of a motor vehicle and found that the operator did not have a license. The officer stopped the vehicle, issued a citation to the driver and then towed the vehicle.

11:31 AM: Police responded to East Ridge Road, East Falmouth, for the report of an ongoing neighborhood dispute.

1:17 PM: Police received a report that a mallard duck at the Surf Drive beach parking lot in Falmouth had a broken leg.

1:35 PM: A man reported that his mother’s house on Sandpiper Circle in East Falmouth had been broken into. Police said that it appeared someone forced open the front door, rummaged through the residence and stole two televisions, jewelry and a laptop computer.

2:54 PM: A resident of Loop Road, Falmouth, reported that her unlocked vehicle parked in her driveway was entered the night before and loose change stolen.

6:30 PM: Police responded to the report of a domestic disturbance near Ox Bow Road and Teaticket Highway.

8:51 PM: An officer observed a vehicle with a headlight out traveling 53 mph in a 35 mph zone down Annette Avenue in East Falmouth. The officer pulled the operator over, identified as Rodolfo R. Silva, 22, White Pine Lane, East Falmouth, for speeding and failing to stop for police. The officer said that the driver ducked onto a side road, which could have constituted trying to flee. The officer arrested Mr. Silva for driving without a license.

Monday, April 14

12:30 AM: An employee of Inn on the Square on North Main Street reported that loud banging noises came from inside one of the inn’s rooms. Subsequently, someone jumped out of a window and fled the area.

1:34 AM: A resident of Quissett Avenue, Woods Hole, received a bylaw citation after the home’s alarm system set off a false alarm. 


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