Falmouth Police Briefs April 20, 2014

Thursday, April 17

9:53 AM: New York police reported to the Falmouth Police Department of a suicidal man traveling in a vehicle in Falmouth. Falmouth police did not locate the vehicle.

12:11 PM: A resident of Trotting Lane, East Falmouth, reported that someone violated a restraining order.

1:04 PM: After multiple warnings, the owners of a home on Green Pond Road, East Falmouth, received a citation when the home’s alarm system falsely alerted police.

1:23 PM: An employee of a business on Main Street issued a no trespass warning to someone who had shoplifted at the store. The business was not identified in the police report.

3:55 PM: An employee of Walmart reported that a man bothered customers as they entered the store by asking them for money. The man left the grounds before police arrived.


4:01 PM: Police received more reports of damages to the Trotting Park soccer fields. Soccer goals and a portable toilet were damaged.

6:09 PM: Police arrested James P. Connors, 28, Sandwich Road, East Falmouth, on a warrant out of Falmouth District Court for larceny under $250 and for receiving stolen property over $250. An officer had recognized him while on patrol on Teaticket Highway.

7:53 PM: Police advised a Gifford Street resident on how to resolve a civil dispute.

9:19 PM: A resident of Old Kenyon Road, East Falmouth, reported a domestic disturbance.

10:20 PM: Police arrested Douglas D. Galvin, 53, from his home on Maravista Avenue, East Falmouth, for threatening to commit a crime and for assault during a domestic disturbance.

Friday, April 18

12:29 AM: Police arrested Douglas M. Rose, 32, Pires Way, East Falmouth, for violating his probation. The arrest took place on Ter Heun Drive in Falmouth.

1:59 AM: Police pulled over the operator of a motor vehicle traveling on Sippewissett Road and seized revoked license plates.

11:25 AM: A resident reported that someone used their Social Security number to file fake tax return.

1:18 PM: Someone located a black Husky toolbox near the intersection of Old Barnstable Road and Hayway Road in East Falmouth that appeared to have fallen out of a truck.

1:22 PM: A green Huffy bicycle was found and dropped off at the police station for safekeeping.

2:01 PM: Police gave a citation to the owner of a home on Child’s River Road in East Falmouth for a false alarm.

3:54 PM: A resident of King Street, Falmouth, reported a domestic disturbance.

7:25 PM: A visitor to Menauhant Beach reported they saw a dead whale. Officers from the environmental police said they checked the area but nothing was found.

8:51 PM: Someone reported a group of men yelling and acting disorderly on Carolyn Lane, East Falmouth. Patrol officers checked the area but did not locate anyone matching the description.

9:20 PM: A resident of Edgewater Drive East, East Falmouth, reported that two roommates were arguing and that a window had been smashed during the confrontation.

Saturday, April 19

1:14 AM: Police arrested Jermaine O. Lewis, 35, at his home on Sandwich Road, East Falmouth, for simple assault and battery after a domestic dispute.

1:20 AM: A resident of East Falmouth reported that they heard gunshots near Hatchville Road and Boxberry Hill Road. Police responded and said the report was unfounded and that the noise most likely came from fireworks.

6:21 AM: The owner of a vehicle on Maravista Avenue, East Falmouth, reported their car window had been smashed, the car broken into, and $20 in cash stolen.

8:51 AM: A resident of Harrington Street, Teaticket, reported someone had falsely used their name to file a tax return.

11:33 AM: A resident of Winslow Road, North Falmouth, reported two men fighting in the area. Police responded but did not locate the individuals.

1:01 PM: Someone reported a domestic disturbance in the area of Queen Street and Scranton Avenue, Falmouth.

2:20 PM: A resident of Old Campus Drive, East Falmouth, reported someone using fireworks in the area.

3:53 PM: A resident of Debra Ann Lane, East Falmouth, reported that someone attempted to open a Comcast account in their name.

4:42 PM: A border collie dog was reported missing near Clara Belle Road, East Falmouth.

5:33 PM: A loose pit bull was reported to be on the run near Lake Shore Drive in East Falmouth. Police reported the incident to Falmouth Animal Control.

7:29 PM: A resident of Old Barnstable Road, East Falmouth, reported a domestic disturbance.

8:34 PM: A resident reported a money scam. The resident said that someone had called their home to say they were holding a family member hostage. They said they needed money to release them. Police said they have received reports of similar scams in which a caller states they are a police officer or other form of authority holding a family and that they need money to release the person.

9:34 PM: An employee of a Teaticket Highway business reported that some plants were stolen from the store. No arrests were made although there was a witness to the incident.
Sunday, April 20

12:29 AM: A resident of North Falmouth reported that they heard a loud party at a residence down the street on Waterside Drive, North Falmouth. Police responded and reported that the party was breaking up when they arrived.

12:45 AM: A resident of Regis Road, East Falmouth, reported loud noises in the area. An officer responded and told a group of people gathered around a fire listening to music to quiet down.

7:18 AM: Someone reported that they came across an injured duck on Teaticket Highway.

8:20 AM: A large, dead animal was reported to be at the intersection of Jones Road and Dove Cottage Road, Falmouth. The animal was a raccoon.

12:47 PM: An employee of a liquor store on Teaticket Highway reported that a man had stolen a bottle of liquor. Although no arrests have been made, a responding patrol officer knew who the suspect was.

1:01 PM: A resident reported that someone stole their Schwinn bicycle from the McDonald’s parking lot.

1:08 PM: A resident of Winthrop Drive, East Falmouth, reported a dirt bike operator who drove on a private way.

6:04 PM: A patrol officer arrested Kyle W. Geggatt, 22, Spring Bars Road, Falmouth, on an active warrant after he saw and recognized Mr. Geggatt when he walked along Teaticket Highway. The warrant was from the Barnstable District for breaking and entering in the daytime for a felony.


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