Falmouth Police Briefs April 24, 2014

Tuesday, April 22

9:14 AM: Police stated that Stella B. Yetman, 91, Beach Street, East Falmouth, failed to use caution when she followed a tractor-trailer that made a right-hand turn from Jones Road onto Davis Straits. Ms. Yetman drove under the rear wheel of the truck. No information was available about charges or her condition

9:20 AM: A woman from Boxberry Hill Road, East Falmouth, reported someone fraudulently used her social security number to file a tax return.

10:21 AM: Patrolman Clifford Harris ran a routine check of the registration on a red Ford Ranger while on Teaticket Highway and found that the license plate belonged to a blue Ford Escort. The owner of the vehicle was issued multiple citations.


11:02 AM: Summer A. Winget, 35, Soares Lane, East Falmouth, told police she might have passed out, though she was not sure, when she drove her vehicle off Worcester Avenue, Falmouth, through some bushes and into a utility pole on Grand Avenue. The utility pole was knocked over as a result and three other poles were snapped and damaged also. An occupant of the car said that his mother fell asleep while driving. A witness to the accident, Ian Wilson who lived two houses down, approached the scene to remove the son from downed wires.

11:44 AM: An employee of Walmart reported that a portable grill valued at $54 was stolen from the store.

12:18 PM: A caller reported that they saw a group of youths trying to ignite a brush fire in the woods near Gifford Street and Brick Kiln Road, Falmouth. Firefighters responded but did not notice any signs of fire.

2:03 PM: A resident of Waquoit Highway reported that a woman had called her repeatedly, leaving harassing and threatening voicemails. Police have opened an investigation.

3:09 PM: Police assisted a woman in a landlord dispute on Woods Hole Road.

3:19 PM: Craig M. Buckley, 34, East Falmouth Highway, drove a truck into overhead utility lines on Moorland Road, Falmouth, causing the pole to fall on the back of the truck. Mr. Buckley was not injured.

4:28 PM: A woman reported that her Jeep Wrangler had been broken into while parked on Blueberry Lane, East Falmouth. Someone sliced the soft-top of the Jeep to gain entry. The center console was open and items strewn about the Jeep but the victim was unaware if anything had been stolen. Police valued the damage to the soft-top at $500.

3:09 PM: A resident of Harriette Road, East Falmouth, reported that she heard gunshots and/or a loud bang. The power subsequently went out in her house. Police learned that NStar was working on a pole in the area and momentarily tripped the power, which created the noise. A police report indicated the power loss was only temporary.

8:43 PM: Patrolman Melissa Martin observed a vehicle cutting off another vehicle on Teaticket Highway. The patrolman ran a check on the vehicle and found that the operator had a warrant out for his arrest. She observed the man walk into a residence, where she arrested him. The warrant was from Falmouth District Court for operating an uninsured vehicle and for operating a motor vehicle with a suspended registration.

9:29 PM: Police responded to a domestic disturbance on Arthur Hennessey Road, North Falmouth.

9:55 PM: Police responded to a domestic disturbance on Old Meeting House Road, East Falmouth.

Wednesday, April 23

1:03 AM: A resident of Wedgewood Drive, East Falmouth, discovered her front door open upon arriving home at 11 PM. Discovered missing from the home was an iPad. The resident also reported that the previous night, someone slashed her tire. The sheriff’s department was dispatched for photographs and prints.

1:04 AM: Mary J. Parutti, 87, of Kompass Drive, East Falmouth, told police that “her window fogged up,” which caused her to drive onto a traffic island in-between Main Street and Davis Straits. She knocked over a sign, damaging her front bumper.

1:55 AM: Someone called police to report that Ruby J. Antone, 67, Carriage Shop Road, East Falmouth, had not come home from a East Falmouth Highway bar with his friends. Police were dispatched to the area and found him on the front lawn of the restaurant, standing against the closed restaurant. The officer shone his flashlight on him whereupon Mr. Antone turned and walked toward the officer. The patrolman noted that his speech was slurred and that he stumbled as he walked. Mr. Antone tried to enter the restaurant, which police said he thought was his own home. Police placed him in protective custody and he was eventually booked.

7:38 AM: Katherine M. Nelson, 21, of Mashpee allegedly drove off Red Brook Road, hit a tree, and then sheared a fire hydrant off its base. She left the scene and continued home but her license plate had been knocked off the car and remained at the site of the accident. She later reported to police that she left the scene because she thought she only hit a tree and did not know about the hydrant.

7:51 AM: A resident of Shorewood Drive, East Falmouth, reported that over the weekend, someone broke into her house and stole her son’s electronics sometime between Saturday and Sunday. There did not appear to be any forced entry into the house. She reported that a PlayStation 4, three video games, an iPad and an iPhone were stolen for a total value of $1,300.

9:47 AM: While driving slowly down Main Street, Douglas E. Rugh, 50, County Road, Pocasset, struck a pedestrian who attempted to cross the road. The pedestrian, Debra J. King, 56, Spectacle Pond Drive, Hatchville, exited the Main Street Post Office and instead of using a crosswalk, crossed in front of a parked car, police said. The impact knocked her to the pavement. A police report did not state any injuries in the incident. No charges were listed.

9:55 AM: A level two sex offender registered at the police station.

8:13 PM: Patrolman Melissa Martin responded to Seacoast Shores Boulevard and Woodside Drive, East Falmouth, for the report of a motor vehicle crash. Upon arrival, she observed both vehicles were in the woods. Paramedics were already on the scene. Ptl. Martin noticed a strong odor of alcohol coming from one operator, identified as Dwight J. Dougherty, 38, Blackthorn Path, Forestdale. A field sobriety test showed Mr. Dougherty’s blood alcohol to be .28, three times over the legal limit. A 14-year-old child was also in Mr. Dougherty’s vehicle. Ptl. Martin arrested him for failure to yield, operating a motor vehicle under the influence of liquor, operating to endanger, and child endangerment while operating a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol. A police report stated that Mr. Dougherty failed to stop when he passed through the East Falmouth intersection.

Thursday, April 24

7:28 AM: A resident of Maravista Avenue reported that a blue bike with a basket valued at $100 had been stolen from their unlocked shed.

9:06 AM: A resident of Trotting Lane, East Falmouth, reported that four tires on her vehicle and two on another vehicle parked at her house had been slashed. Police said they identified a suspect.

12:16 PM: Police responded to Davis Straits, Falmouth, for a report that a vehicle ran into a house and caused significant damage to the residence.


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