Falmouth Police Briefs April 7, 2014

Thursday, April 3

9:06 AM: Police heard the sound of a rodent or a small animal in the walls of the police department and notified animal control.

10:50 AM: A man passed out on Davis Straits in Falmouth, having fallen over when he huffed too much paint. Firefighters transported him to Falmouth Hospital.


3:15 PM: A Department of Children and Families house worker reported that a female juvenile was missing. Police found and returned her.

4:01 PM: A woman reported that someone had thrown eggs at her vehicle while it was parked on Main Street.

4:34 PM: A resident reported that a real estate sign was missing from a property on Miami Avenue, Falmouth.

7:11 PM: Falmouth police responded to the request of assistance from the Mashpee Police Department to investigate an assault and battery in order to gather more evidence in the case.

8:15 PM: Someone reported to police that a boxer with a harness was running loose on Oyster Pond Road, Falmouth. Police referred them to animal control.

9:51 PM: While attempting to find a man with an outstanding warrant on Pinecrest Beach Drive, East Falmouth, police recovered a firearm in the man’s home. Police said that there may be charges filed but no arrests have been made yet.

10:35 PM: Firefighters responded to the report of a resident who suffered from shortness of breath on Woodland Trail, Teaticket.
Friday, April 4

1:14 AM: Police responded to the Shoreway Acres Inn on Shore Street, Falmouth, after receiving the report of a man who was lying on the front lawn and who appeared to be intoxicated. The man said that a group of people jumped him, assaulted him, tied him up, forced him to drink alcohol and then fled.

11:10 AM: Someone reported an injured coyote on the side of highway on Route 28 North, near Braeside Road. Police contacted Falmouth Animal Control.

3:03 PM: Police received a report of an intoxicated man lying on the sidewalk on Teaticket Highway. Police identified the man as Edward F. Slaman, 59, of Seaward Bend, East Falmouth, and determined he was intoxicated. He was taken to protective custody.

4:03 PM: A resident of Acapesket Road, East Falmouth, reported a housing dispute between a landlord and a tenant. Police said that someone assaulted a senior man over 60 years of age. No arrests have been made yet in the incident.

5:23 PM: Police did not locate the offenders of an alleged dirt bike violation on Seacoast Shores Boulevard in East Falmouth.
Saturday, April 5

1:10 AM: Police arrested a juvenile, age 17, during a domestic disturbance on Sharon Avenue, East Falmouth.

2:07 AM: Police responded to a domestic disturbance on Old Barnstable Road, East Falmouth. No arrests were made.

8:34 AM: A resident of Sam Turner Road, East Falmouth, reported being harassed by phone calls.

9:53 AM: A police officer recovered a license plate from the area of Braeside Road and West Falmouth Highway.

9:58 AM: A resident of Acapesket Road, East Falmouth, reported a domestic disturbance.

11:21 AM: Police responded to a domestic disturbance on Ter Heun Drive, Falmouth. No arrests were made.

1:56 PM: A woman located a cellphone stolen from her on March 27 at a pawn shop on Teaticket Highway.

2:47 PM: A resident of Gifford Street, Falmouth, reported the theft of license plates.

3:02 PM: Police were unable to locate the operator of a dirt biker who was reportedly driving illegally on Sunfish Lane, East Falmouth.

4:14 PM: A juvenile from Cape START (Short-Term Adolescent Residential Treatment) on Gifford Street, Falmouth, was reported missing.

5 PM: Police received the report that two women were hiding in the woods near Falmouth Hospital and refused to leave. Police responded to the area and found that one of them had a warrant out for her arrest. Police identified her as Lily A. White, 21, of Rose Morin Lane, Teaticket, and arrested her for possession of morphine. The warrant was for possession of a Class A drug.

6:01 PM: Police received a report that a man appeared to be passed out in the area of Dillingham Avenue and Morse Pond Road. It was reported that a woman was walking around the man. Police responded but upon their arrival found the two had left.

7:58 PM: Police responded to a domestic disturbance on West Falmouth Highway. No arrests were made.

10:24 PM: A resident of Sippewissett Road, Falmouth, reported seeing a prowler in the area. Police did locate the individual.

11:26 PM: A resident of Beebe Acres Road, Falmouth, reported that a man and a woman were in their back yard with flashlights. Police later reported that the two were looking for their missing cat.

Sunday, April 6

12:10 AM: A resident of Main Street reported excessive noise in the neighborhood.

10:03 AM: Police responded to a domestic disturbance on Sippewissett Road, Falmouth.

11:11 AM: Police received a report of two dogs running loose in traffic in the area of Sandwich and Brick Kiln roads, East Falmouth. Animal control was notified.

1:10 PM: A resident of Old Meeting House Road, East Falmouth, asked police to document an incident in which cable wires to their home were broken. The resident said they lost cable service, contacted Comcast and found lines from the pole had been cut. Police did not determine if the wire had been cut intentionally.

5:21 PM: A real estate sign on Miami Avenue, East Falmouth, was reported stolen.

6:59 PM: Police opened an investigation after an employee of Walmart reported that a Samsung Galaxy cellphone had been stolen from the store.

7:24 PM: A resident of Old Barnstable Road, East Falmouth, reported a domestic disturbance. Police made no arrests.

7:44 PM: Police arrested Barrington W. Clunes, 52, of Harvard Drive, East Falmouth, during a domestic disturbance at Mr. Clunes’s residence. Police charged him with assault and battery, disorderly conduct, and intimidating a witness.

7:58 PM: A neighbor to a home on Jericho Path, East Falmouth, reported a suspicious vehicle at the residence. Police concluded the driver of the vehicle to be a family friend of the home’s owners.

9:53 PM: While making a routine check of the Teaticket Elementary School, a police officer noticed a suspicious vehicle driving by. The officer later saw the vehicle disabled on the side of Maravista Avenue Extension. He approached the vehicle and determined the driver, identified as Christopher D. Drew, 24, Jamie Lane, East Falmouth, was intoxicated. Mr. Drew admitted to be under the influence of drugs. Police charged him with operating a motor vehicle under the influence of liquor and marijuana. Police also found an open container of liquor and marijuana in the vehicle.

Monday, April 7

12:46 AM: A resident of Ellsworth Drive, East Falmouth, reported a domestic disturbance. No arrests were made. Another report of a domestic disturbance came from the same residence at 1:10 AM.

1:23 AM: A missing person from Cape START on Gifford Street, Falmouth, was reported found in Boston.


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