Falmouth Police Briefs June 1-7, 2014

Sunday, June 1, 2014

8:19 AM: A resident of Sheridan Avenue, Falmouth Heights, reported that her garden bench was stolen from her porch.

10:47 AM: A resident of Sandwich Road, East Falmouth, reported that three tires on his car and one tire on his wife’s car were slashed. Police have a suspect. The resident also reported several past incidents of a similar nature.

3:24 PM: A caretaker to a house on Bywater Court, Falmouth, reported that someone broke into the home and searched for valuables in several rooms although nothing seemed to be missing. Police reported there did not appear to be signs of forced entry.

6:54 PM: Police arrested Andrew J. Rabesa, 30, of Hayway Road, East Falmouth, during a domestic dispute on Hayway Road in which he allegedly assaulted a disabled senior citizen and maliciously damaged a car.

11:18 PM: Police responded to Woods Hole for the report of an intoxicated man who had wandered in and out of the women’s bathroom at the Landfall Restaurant on Luscombe Avenue. Police found the man, identified as David K. Murray, 47, of Webster at the Steamship Authority where he was allegedly “extremely drunk,” said police. He resisted arrest and verbally barraged police with insults. Police eventually detained him and brought him into protective custody.

11:18 PM: A resident of Chester Street, North Falmouth, reported that a piece of his porch railing had been vandalized.

Monday, June 2, 2014

12:49 AM: The manager of a Main Street motel reported that two people were acting unruly, that they had trashed their room and were yelling obscenities. Patrolmen Josh Oliver and Bryan C. Hazelton responded and were allegedly sworn at and screamed at by the two hotel occupants. Police brought the two occupants—identified as Mary Look, 23, of Palmer Avenue, Falmouth, and Curtis J. Sayles, 21, of Aquinnah—into protective custody for disorderly behavior.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

12:06 PM: Stanley E. Plaza of Easthampton collided with a car on MBL Street, Woods Hole, as he exited a parking spot.

1:02 PM: A resident of Teaticket Path reported that someone stole a dog dish, financial pamphlets and a flashlight from their kitchen.

1:23 PM: Judith Ilan, 85, Whitman Road, Woods Hole, reported that she swerved out of the way of an oncoming vehicle driving in her lane on Main Street which caused her to strike a parked car in front of Eastman’s Hardware store.

2:58 PM: Someone reported that a toddler was left in a car in a Teaticket Highway parking lot. The vehicle was gone upon police arrival.

4:52 PM: Donald W. Thompson, 73, of West Barnstable, said that a bee that entered his vehicle distracted him and caused him to crash into the rear of a stopped car on Brick Kiln Road. Police reported no injuries.

4:56 PM: Police received a report that a woman was intoxicated in a parking lot on Ter Heun Drive, Falmouth. Police arrived and placed the woman, identified as Dawn D. Dennen, 59, Centerville, into protective custody.

5:56 PM: A caller reported that he was concerned about drug activity behind his business on Spring Bars Road, Falmouth. Police did not locate any drug activity but discussed with the caller ways to make the business more secure.

5:58 PM: A resident of Palmer Avenue, Falmouth, reported a domestic disturbance.

6:24 PM: A resident of Wildwood Circle, East Falmouth, reported that someone dumped trash into her dumpster.

6:46 PM: While operating a motorcycle at what police said was excessive speeds, Andrew M. Sullivan, 56, of Sandwich, slid out of control and crashed into a sign of the side of Carriage Shop Road, East Falmouth. Falmouth Fire and Rescue treated him for head injuries, leg, foot and hand abrasions and injuries at the scene and then rushed him to the Falmouth Hospital. He was not listed as being in critical condition, police reported.


Wednesday, June 4, 2014

1:55 AM: A resident of Nye Road, Falmouth, reported a loud noise coming from outside of a nearby hotel from a power washer. Police advised the cleaner to come back during day.
8:25 AM: Police received a report from an employee that the Rockland Trust bank on County Road had been broken into overnight.

8:39 AM: A walk-in to the police department reported an identity theft.

11:15 AM: R. Charles Martinsen III, deputy director for the department of marine and environmental services, observed a man driving an improperly permitted dirt bike on Maravista Avenue, East Falmouth. After Mr. Martinsen activated his emergency lights, the dirt bike rider continued. While taking a turn, the rider lost control of the bike, jumped off the bike, and then continued to rapidly restart the motor of the dirt bike. As Mr. Martinsen exited his vehicle, the dirt bike started and the rider fled again. Mr. Martinsen was able to catch up with the rider, pull him off the bike and apprehend him, his report said. Police said he was 16 and did not release his name. They charged him with operating an unregistered recreation vehicle, operating on a public way, negligent and reckless operation of a recreation vehicle, refusing to stop for police and resisting arrest.

1:43 PM: A resident of Harriette Road, East Falmouth, reported that someone attempted to file a false tax return in their name.

2:06 PM: The employee of a business on East Falmouth Highway reported that someone stole a bike from the store two days ago and that the bike was now posted on Facebook for sale.

2:11 PM: Teaticket residents reported that a man with gray hair and no shoes was breaking into cars at the post office. Police located the man peeking around the corner of an ice cream shop in the area. Victims identified him and confirmed that he was the one in their cars, and the man, identified as Richard B. Ryan, 54, of Cotuit, admitted he was in the cars looking for money. Police arrested him.

3:33 PM: A resident of Boxberry Hill Road, East Famouth, reported fraud.

4:41 PM: Bobby Morrill, 21, of Rhode Island said he pulled left onto Route 151 from Balleymeade in front of a car driven by Michael T. Bisienere, 47, Old Barnstable Road, Mashpee, because he saw Mr. Bisienere’s right turn indicator on. Police reported it was a minor accident with no injuries. Mr. Bisienere said he did not activate his turn indicator.

5 PM: Police located a campsite in Goodwill Park that they have enough evidence to believe has been occupied for over two weeks. No one was at the campsite at the time of their arrival but an officer will return.

7:16 PM: Christopher E. Ross, 46, Boxberry Hill Road, East Falmouth, said that he did not see an oncoming car that he struck as he pulled out of Geggatt Road onto Hatchville Road. Police reported no injuries. The other car was driven by Peter B. Aylmer, 50, Old Meeting House Road, East Falmouth.

7:45 PM: Patrolman Chad A. Leighton located a woman driving a car erratically out of a Cumberland Farms parking lot on East Falmouth Highway. She then sped down the road. Ptl. Leighton recognized she was driving with a revoked license and arrested her in the Gosnold Grove parking lot on Old Meetinghouse Road.

11:28 PM: A resident of Boxberry Hill Road, East Falmouth, reported a domestic disturbance.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

12:53 AM: A resident of School Street, Woods Hole, reported that she heard gun shots that she believed were from a rifle. Police were unable to locate the origin of the noise.

5:08 AM: Detective Robert A. Murray was dispatched to Rose Morin Lane, East Falmouth, for the report of someone sleeping in a vehicle. Det. Murray located a woman and arrested her on warrant out of a Brookline court for possession of a Class C drug.

10:14 AM: A resident of Trotting Park Road, East Falmouth, reported that after he returned home from a two-week trip, he noticed his miniature landscaping vehicle valued at $2,000 was missing.

10:52 AM: A man reported that while his bike was parked on Lake Shore Drive, East Falmouth, someone cut through the lock and stole the bike.

12:07 PM: A woman reported that while walking in Beebe Woods, her locked car on Highfield Drive, Falmouth, with a dog inside, was broken into and an iPad, iPod, a bracelet, two prescription medications, and $126 in cash were stolen, for a total value of approximately $700.

2:48 PM: Falmouth Fire & Rescue transported B. Grant Willis, 73, of Pearl Lane, Falmouth, to Falmouth Hospital after he crashed his vehicle into a parked car on Main Street.

5:13 PM: An employee of a Teaticket Highway store reported that someone shoplifted a bag of charcoal and left in a black Crown Victoria.

5:57 PM: A resident of Captains Lane, East Falmouth, reported that prescription medication was stolen from their house.

6:07 PM: Police arrested Kaitlyn M. Tremblay, 23, Pinehurst Road, East Falmouth, on two default warrants from Falmouth District Court: one for the larceny of a credit card, improper use of a credit card, and larceny from a senior citizen, and the other for a larceny over $250. Police made the arrest on Ter Heun Drive, Falmouth.

9:39 PM: Megan E. Patrick, 47, Counting House Way, Falmouth, was flown to Boston Medical Center after she drove her car head-on into a utility pole on Sippewissett Road, Falmouth. Police reported she was unresponsive when departing Falmouth for Boston. Her condition is unknown at this time.

10:49 PM: A resident of Sam Turner Road, East Falmouth, reported a domestic disturbance.


Friday, June 6, 2014

8:40 AM: Heidi A. Lakin, 40, Goldfinch Lane, Plymouth, was transported to Falmouth Hospital after her car collided with another vehicle driven by Jessie C. Ahern, 45, Green Harbor Road, East Falmouth. Police said Ms. Ahern failed to yield as she backed up from a driveway onto Minot Street, Falmouth. Police reported that Ms. Lakin’s injuries were minor.

8:45 AM: A patrolman responded to the North Falmouth Fire Department for the report that a woman was injured from a “serious” dog bite on Old Main Road, North Falmouth. The officer said he saw blood on the lobby floor of the station when he entered. The victim said she was on her daily walk when a pit-bull mix sprung out from an Old Main Road residence, hurdled over a two to three-foot fence and attacked her without provocation. A resident from the home helped the woman free herself from the dog. The victim then walked to the fire station where she received medical attention. Falmouth Animal Control responders issued an order of quarantine for the dog and brought it to a pound. A hearing on the dog’s fate is pending, police said.

8:50 AM: Joseph R. Beford Jr., 54, of Mashpee crashed into an ATM on Worcester Court, Falmouth.

9:17 AM: A resident of Vineyard Street, East Falmouth, reported a domestic disturbance.

1:20 PM: Someone passing at the Stop & Shop parking lot on Teaticket Highway reported they were concerned about two children left in a parked car. Police located the vehicle and spoke with the parent of the children.

2:03 PM: A resident of Locust Street, Falmouth, reported that their license plate was either lost or stolen.

4:28 PM: Police arrested Crystal G. Sylvia, 33, of Trotting Lane, East Falmouth, for violating her abuse prevention order and for disorderly conduct during a domestic dispute at her home.

7:06 PM: A woman on Stephens Lane, Falmouth, reported that her dog had been stolen. When she had returned to her home, the dog’s leash and collar were on the porch without the dog. An officer responded to the house; during that visit the dog came back.

8:18 PM: Detective Michael J. Simoneau sent a minor into a Teaticket restaurant during a routine alcohol compliance check. The minor was served a beer. Police said that no one was arrested, although charges are pending. They said that more information will be released.

8:47 PM: Police arrested Ryan W. Marks, 24, of Cahoon Court during a warrant service. Police said they first located him on Main Street where he pulled the brim of a hat over his eyes and fled the scene behind the Verizon building. Police found him an hour later at his home on Cahoon Court. The warrants were out of the Falmouth District Court for being present where heroin is kept and for motor vehicle offenses. They were also from Barnstable District Court for possession of a Class A drug and motor vehicle offenses; and the Plymouth District Court for motor vehicle offenses.

9:39 PM: A resident of Edgewater Drive West, East Falmouth, reported a domestic disturbance.

10:35 PM: The grandmother of a 14-year-old girl reported that the granddaughter was long overdue home. The grandmother said she located her a short time later.

10:36 PM: Police arrested Linda L. Muller, 53, of Ellsworth Drive, Falmouth, during a domestic dispute on Ellsworth Drive.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

12:34 AM: Patrolman Chad A. Leighton observed a vehicle pull away from a Homestead Lane home, a place, he said in court documents, known as a house with a history of arrests that stem from drug activity. He followed the vehicle and observed it speeding. He pulled the vehicle over near the intersection of Ox Bow Lane and Brick Kiln Road, East Falmouth. Ptl. Leighton observed an occupant in the vehicle reaching across their seat, which prompted him to conduct a search of the vehicle. During that search, he found a substance believed to be cocaine, hypodermic needles and a scale, court reports said. The vehicle was towed and the operator, identified as Holly M. Hall, 30, Davisville Road, East Falmouth, was arrested for possession of a Class B drug.

5:07 AM: An employee at the Cumberland Farms on East Falmouth Highway reported that a man and a woman were yelling outside the store. According to the store clerk, the man said that he would shoot up the place and kill the clerk. The two left the store but the man returned and made more threats, and then left on foot. Police located him on Pontes Avenue shortly after, at which time he threatened police with violence. Patrolman Paul Stefanelli eventually cuffed him but the man, identified as Alvin R. Patterson, 28, North Falmouth Highway, pushed the patrolman and then fled with the cuffs on. Police found him on the cranberry bogs on Old Barnstable Road, where he was secured into a cruiser and charged with threatening to commit a crime, assault, and resisting arrest.

9:33 AM: A resident of Gifford Street, Falmouth, reported that someone burned a small hole in their porch.

9:46 AM: A resident of Scranton Avenue, Falmouth, reported that his 37-year-old wife had run away. Police had no updates as of Monday.

12:07 PM: Police cited Christine Cotter, 44, of Grace Court, Falmouth, for leaving the scene after property damage when she reversed her vehicle into a parked car at a Dunkin’ Donuts on Teaticket Highway and then left the parking lot.

3:24 PM: Someone reported a loose puppy without tags on Walden Avenue, Falmouth Heights.

4:01 PM: A resident of Riddle Hill Road, Falmouth, reported a domestic disturbance.

6:11 PM: A resident of Susan Lane, East Falmouth, reported a domestic disturbance.

6:28 PM: Chad Hunt, 16, Homestead Lane, Falmouth, pulled out of a driveway on Blacksmith Shop Road, West Falmouth, and collided with a vehicle driven by Robert M. Anderson, 19, Trumbull Road, East Falmouth. Police reported no injuries but noted that Mr. Anderson’s speed was above the authorized limit.

9 PM: A resident of Shore Street, Falmouth, reported that a man known to him was operating a family vehicle that he was not authorized to drive and that he might be drunk. The incident is still under investigation.

9:29 PM: Someone reported that someone was flying a remotely operated vehicle in the Falmouth Plaza parking lot. Police confirmed the incident but reported that no laws were violated. 

9:35 PM: A caller reported constant barking at a Homestead Lane residence. Police responded and reported that there was no answer at the door but that the dog had stopped barking.

10:46 PM: A man from a Main Street inn reported that he was grabbed by the throat and pushed to the floor. Police did not have other information.

11:21 PM: A resident of Clark Street, East Falmouth, reported a domestic disturbance.


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