Falmouth Police Briefs June 8 - 12, 2014

Sunday, June 8

2:38 AM: Patrolman Melissa Martin observed a vehicle that was swerving along Service Road in West Falmouth. The officer reported that the driver nearly ran into a guard rail. Ptl. Martin pulled the vehicle over and reported smelling alcohol, seeing  two open beer cans on the center console, and empty beer cans on the floor. Ptl. Martin arrested the operator identified as Sean E. Dugas, 19, Pilot Way, East Falmouth, and charged him with drunk driving, negligent operation of a motor vehicle, and for possession of an open container of alcohol.

7:56 AM: The clerk of a hotel on Clinton Avenue, Falmouth, reported that a remote controlled helicopter was being flown by a suspicious person around the windows of the hotel. The helicopter resembled a drone and an officer said it had a video camera on it. Police did not have more information.

10:37 AM: A resident of Miami Avenue, East Falmouth, reported that her husband left their front door unlocked and that someone entered the house while she was there and stole bank bags with $700 in cash and credit card receipts inside.

11:22 AM: A resident of Fairmount Avenue, Falmouth, reported a domestic disturbance.

11:53 AM: While investigating the break-in on Miami Avenue, police received the report of a second break-in on the same street. Police have no other information on the incident.

12:40 PM: A resident of Carriage Shop Road, East Falmouth, reported that a dispute with a neighbor concerning their property line. One neighbor ripped down a fence on the property.

12:45 PM: Someone reported a dead animal on the beach on Menauhant Road, East Falmouth. Police referred them to animal control.

6:36 PM: A resident of East Falmouth Highway reported a past breaking and entering to a pickup truck.

9:18 PM: Police reported that an elderly person died on Riddle Hill Road, Falmouth, and that nothing appeared suspicious in the death.

10:06 PM: A resident of Maple Street, Teaticket, reported that their Weber gas grill valued at $500 was stolen from their yard.

Monday, June 9

10:37 AM: A resident of North Falmouth Highway reported the theft of a golf cart from Bourne Farm valued at $3,800.

10:43 AM: A representative of the Falmouth Chamber of Commerce reported that someone spraypainted “spazz” on the side of the building and other illegible words.

Tuesday, June 10

6:38 AM: An employee of an East Falmouth Highway coffee shop reported that they had property stolen from them while at work.

7:48 AM: An official with the Falmouth Water Department requested to speak with an officer about a company filling its trucks with water from a fire hydrant illegally.

12:52 PM: A contractor reported that someone stole a heavy duty extension cord from him on Miami Avenue, East Falmouth.

4:23 PM: Police were dispatched to a Walker Street, Falmouth, home for the report of an unfamiliar male sitting on their back porch. The man refused to leave. Police brought that man, identified as Kevin J. Albanese, 44, of Walker Street, into protective custody.

8:02 PM: Someone reported that a coyote was hit by a vehicle on Sippewissett Road but it was not killed. Police arrived but the coyote had left the scene.

8:18 PM: A resident of Sachem Drive, East Falmouth, reported that their neighbor was cutting the grass on the caller’s property.

Wednesday, June 11

2:53 AM: Police responded to the report of a domestic disturbance on Millfield Street, Woods Hole, and brought Olivia C. Geary, 25, of Millfield Street into protective custody.

10:38 AM: Police assisted the fire department in safely retrieving a dog that was stuck underneath a shed on Kerrywood Drive, East Falmouth.

12:23 PM: A caller requested an officer for a larceny at a coffee shop on East Falmouth Highway.

12:32 PM: A woman from Main Street reported that she received a text: “I just hid the body, now what?” Shortly thereafter, the woman received a second text that said, “Sorry, wrong number.” Police have opened an investigation.

1:59 PM: Someone turned in a Polar heart rate monitor to police.

3:15 PM: A resident of Fay Road, Woods Hole, and a Marine Biological Laboratory security guard reported that someone removed wood fencing along a sand dune in Woods Hole and used it for a bonfire.

3:43 PM: Police issued 12 citations, towed a car, and wrote one criminal citation during administration of a pedestrian and bicycle safety grant on Main Street.

3:45 PM: R. Charles Martinsen III, deputy director for the department of marine and environmental services, said that someone reporting to be a DNR tribal officer was stopping shellfishermen from fishing on Great Bay Street, Teaticket.

4:54 PM: A resident of Flossmore Road, Falmouth, reported he was threatened by a swimming pool contractor.

5:10 PM: A resident Gifford Street, Falmouth, reported a verbal argument with a neighbor.

10:19 PM: Police responded to the report of a suspected heroin overdose on Fortaleza Drive, East Falmouth. Police said the person was a 26-year-old East Falmouth man.

Thursday, June 12

3:01 AM: Police responded to a motor vehicle accident that involved one car on Surf Drive, Falmouth. The car, driven by Jeremy B. Doyle, 32, of Royal Circle, Falmouth, veered off the road and crashed into a utility pole, which caused heavy damage to the pole and car. Police arrested Mr. Doyle on three warrants from the Falmouth District Court for assault and battery on a senior citizen, causing serious bodily harm, simple assault and battery, and for simple assault and battery with a dangerous weapon.

7:33 AM: Someone found a brown purse outside of an office building on Worcester Court that contained three clean, capped, hypodermic needles. There was no identification in the purse. 


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