Falmouth Police Briefs May 12 - May 15, 2014

Monday, May 12

9:42 AM: A resident of Gifford Street, Falmouth, reported a domestic disturbance.

9:53 AM: An employee of Puritans of Cape Cod on Main Street reported that a large planter was stolen from its property.

1:02 PM: A resident of Squibnockett Drive, East Falmouth, reported that three of their credit cards had been used fraudulently in different states.

2:23 PM: Paul H. Thoutsis, 48, Menaham Road, Oak Bluffs, reversed his vehicle on Main Street to avoid an oncoming tractor-trailer and crashed into a vehicle behind him driven by Eileen A. Ivens, 49, Grand Avenue, Falmouth. There were no injuries and no vehicles were towed from the scene, police reported.

2:24 PM: A resident of Alma Road, East Falmouth, returned home from Florida and found that someone had broken into their home and stolen a Bose stereo valued at $1,500.


2:53 PM: Patrolman Edward Maurer II observed James J. Kurker, 51, Edgewater Drive West, East Falmouth, in a motor vehicle on Turner Road and found that he had a warrant for his arrest from Falmouth District Court for malicious destruction of property over $250 and breaking and entering at nighttime for a felony. Ptl. Maurer arrested Mr. Kurker without incident, police reported.

3:31 PM: A woman reported that someone stole $450 in cash from her wallet that had been in her vehicle at the East Falmouth Car Wash on East Falmouth Highway.

8:45 PM: A resident reported that their daughter, a minor, was missing. Police contacted her; the girl complied and subsequently arrived at the police station.

9:50 PM: A resident of King Street, Falmouth, reported that a group of people broke a window on their home and said that they waited outside the home with baseball bats.

Tuesday, May 13

1:06 AM: While on a routine patrol of Teaticket, Patrolman Chad A. Leighton recognized a suspect with an active warrant outside of the 7-Eleven on Alphonse Street. Anthony J. Gilmette, 26, Carriage Shop Road, East Falmouth, was the suspect from an incident over the weekend in which he allegedly threatened someone with a knife who was inside a home Mr. Gilmette had been evicted from recently. Ptl. Leighton arrested Mr. Gilmette without incident.

2:02 AM: A resident of Turner Road, East Falmouth, reported a domestic disturbance.

3:01 AM: Patrolman Melissa Martin observed an empty, parked truck with music playing in the parking lot of the Clam Shack on Clinton Avenue, Falmouth. After searching the area, police located Mackenzie J. Carlisle, 23, Cottontail Circle, East Falmouth, and Brittany P. Pariseau, Randolph Street, Falmouth, on a boat that did not belong to them. They were intoxicated, police said. It appeared to police that the boat had been gone through. Police charged the two with breaking and entering a boat at nighttime for a felony.

4:15 AM: Police arrested Tina M. Melvin, 39, Turner Road, East Falmouth, for assault and battery with a dangerous weapon and wanton destruction of property under $250 during a domestic dispute on Turner Road. Court reports state the weapon used was a flashlight.

7:09 AM: Police responded to the report of a restraining order violation during a domestic dispute reported from Main Street.

7:23 AM: A deer was reported struck by a vehicle on Route 28 South near Route 151.

12:14 PM: In a parking lot on Worcester Court, Falmouth, vehicles driven by Brian S. Harlow, 67, Locust Street, Falmouth, and Anne M. Colombo, 76, Cooper Road, East Falmouth, collided into each other as they both reversed out of parking spots.

3 PM: A resident of Scranton Avenue, Falmouth, reported an ongoing noise complaint.

3:54 PM: Patrolmen Clifford T. Harris and Chad Leighton wrote one citation for a vehicle operator playing music too loudly and 10 citations for vehicle drivers that failed to stop for pedestrians while stationed at the Shining Sea Bikeway crosswalk on Locust Street.

4:10 PM: Someone involved in a baseball game at a field on Sandwich Road, East Falmouth, reported that a dog owner refused to leave the outfield with their dog, delaying the start of the game.

4:44 PM: Police responded to a domestic disturbance on Plum Hollow Drive, East Falmouth.

7:46 PM: Police arrested Kevin R. Morin, 35, Hidden Pond Way, Hatchville, during a domestic dispute from his Hidden Pond Way residence.

Wednesday, May 14

3:49 PM: Someone reported an assault that took place in a parked vehicle near the intersection of Putter Drive and Old Barnstable Road, East Falmouth.

11:35 PM: A resident of Walker Street, Falmouth, reported that a young woman was banging on their door and yelling loudly. Patrolman Chad Leighton responded and observed the woman, whom he knew to be Xiomarie D. Black, 23, of Heritage Circle, East Falmouth, knocking on the door and yelling obscenities. Ptl. Leighton eventually brought Ms. Black into protective custody.

Thursday, May 15

12:14 AM: A neighbor to a home on Glenwood Avenue, Falmouth, reported loud music. Police asked the offending party to turn the music down.

1:52 AM: Police towed a vehicle with an unregistered license plate near the intersection of Davis Straits and Dillingham Avenue, Falmouth. Police issued a citation to the vehicle’s owner.

7:35 AM: A resident of Heritage Circle, East Falmouth, reported that a white truck illegally dumped trash in the area.


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