Falmouth Police Briefs May 15 - May 18, 2014

Thursday, May 15

12:34 PM: An employee of a business on Gifford Street, Falmouth, reported that a customer walked into the store and made threats to others in the store.

2:57 PM: A resident of Bay Road, North Falmouth, reported that someone fraudulently accessed his bank account.

4:47 PM: Police received a report of a woman asleep on a bench at the Falmouth Mall. The police found the woman, identified as Malika D. Shepherd, 34, of Suncrest Drive, East Falmouth, and brought her into protective custody because she was allegedly intoxicated.

5:31 PM: A resident of Old Main Road, North Falmouth, reported an ongoing neighborhood dispute that involved a neighbor who repeatedly speeded in the area.

6:49 PM: A missing minor was reunited with her mother on Brick Kiln Road, East Falmouth.

11:27 PM: Officers responded twice for complaints of a loud party and a bonfire at the Matthew Souza Conservation Area off Hatchville Road. Both officers said the party dispersed before they arrived.

Friday, May 16


1:08 AM: Patrolmen made a routine check of a home on Homestead Lane, East Falmouth, and saw that the front door was wide open and the interior of the home in general disarray. The officers knew the homeowner and had four warrants for her arrest. They could not find the homeowner but they believed the home to be a health hazard and contacted a health inspector. At

10:05 AM, a health inspector responded with an officer but the house was secured and no one answered their requests.

1:43 AM: Police issued a verbal warning to Rebecca L. Gray, 22, of Tallahassee, Florida, after she drove into McDonald’s at 15 to 20 miles per hour in between window one and window two of the drive through. Police said the structure sustained a one- to two-foot-deep dent. Ms. Gray said her breaks were faulty. McDonald’s remained open.

7:25 AM: Police investigated whether the owner of a white pickup could legally dump debris on town property located off Heritage Circle, East Falmouth. A resident in the area reported the driver has dumped debris there numerous times.

10:18 AM: A Sandwich Road, East Falmouth, resident reported that someone was disposing of paint debris in a dumpster in the area illegally.

11:30 AM: Someone reported that a puppy was left in a car with the windows up for over 30 minutes at Falmouth Plaza. Police referred the incident to Falmouth Animal Control.

1:38 PM: Police issued a bylaw citation to a resident of Sandwich Road, East Falmouth, after their alarm falsely sounded for the seventh time this year.

4:22 PM: The owner of a recently stolen dirt bike—taken from a shed on Barrows Road, Waquoit, earlier this month—reported to police that he knew where the bike was and he knew who had stolen it. Police said they will follow up on the report.

5:46 PM: Patrolman Norman Adamson wrote three citations on Route 28 near Brick Kiln Road, East Falmouth: two for speeding, and a third for a move over law violation.

6:32 PM: Upon the request of Falmouth Chief of Police Edward Dunne, an officer spoke with the owner of Jack’s Grill on Gifford Street, Falmouth, after police received allegations that the restaurant did not have proper liquor permits. The officer did not write a citation.

6:46 PM: Police brought Ruby J. Antone, 77, Carriage Shop Road, East Falmouth, into protective custody after he made a disturbance at his home.

8:31 PM: Police responded to Waquoit Highway for a report of a domestic disturbance.

10:13 PM: A resident of Salt Sea Lane, Falmouth, reported a domestic disturbance.

10:53 PM: A resident of East Falmouth Highway reported that a man in a white pickup screamed obscenities to the apartments above them.

11:16 PM: A resident near Harris Hill Road, East Falmouth, reported that four youths in the area appeared to be attempting to break into vehicles. An environmental officer responded and chased two of the youth on foot through the woods. A canine unit also responded. None of the youths were caught but stolen property was recovered in the area. Police also found a vehicle that they believed the suspects used to get to the area. Police responded to the address of the vehicle owner, who advised them who was operating the car. Police have suspects in an investigation. Nothing had been reported missing from the vehicles as of Monday, May 19.

Saturday, May 17

12:38 AM: Officers responded to the report of an unwanted guest on Edgewater Drive East, East Falmouth, and provided medical assistance to someone who suffered from a heroin-related incident.

2:13 AM: A man reported that his wallet was stolen from his vehicle and stated that he knew who took it. Police contacted the alleged suspect, who denied that she stole the wallet.

3:56 AM: A resident of Davis Straits, Falmouth, reported a domestic disturbance.

11:02 AM: An employee of a business on Scranton Avenue, Falmouth, reported that a man in his 60s stole fishing reels from the retail store. Later the employee reported to the police that the man said he called the store and admitted to taking to reels and then returned them. The employee of the store did not press charges and requested a letter of no trespass.

11:56 AM: A resident of Trotting Park Road, East Falmouth, reported that someone drove a vehicle into the woods and then left the scene. The car belonged to Gilbert Mendoza, 37, Royal Circle Lane, East Falmouth, who returned to the scene as the vehicle was being towed. Mr. Mendoza said that he did not know how the vehicle got into the woods but paid for tow charges.

2:47 PM: A resident of Beebe Acres Road, Falmouth, reported that someone regularly walks through their yard. Police advised them of ideas to keep out pedestrians.

7:30 PM: An employee of a business on Davis Straits, Falmouth, reported that a patron refused to leave the property. Police arrived and saw that Edward F. Slaman Jr., 59, Morris Street, East Falmouth, was yelling at patrons as they attempted to gain entrance to the restaurant. Police advised him that they would take him into protective custody when he became unruly to the officers. While he was being moved into a cell, Mr. Slaman attempted to strike the officers. Police charged him with disorderly conduct and assault.

7:52 PM: A resident of Seacoast Shores Boulevard, East Falmouth, reported a domestic dispute.

8:27 PM: Police arrested and charged Kellie P. Brown, 44, Salt Sea Lane, Falmouth, with disorderly conduct and assault and battery on a police officer after she struck an officer multiple times. Police had been dispatched to the Salt Sea Lane residence for the report of a disturbance. Detective Robert D. Murray reported that Ms. Brown was intoxicated upon his arrival and attempted to punch him numerous times.

10:27 PM: Police responded to a domestic dispute reported from Holland Street, East Falmouth.

Sunday, May 18

1:18 PM: Police responded to the report of a loud disturbance at a bar on Locust Street, Falmouth, but could not locate the origins of the complaint after speaking with the bar owner.

1:42 AM: Patrolman Bryan C. Hazelton reported that he saw a man on the side of Route 151 near Ranch Road, East Falmouth, hunched in the fetal position. The patrolman said that the man, identified as Jeffrey C. Free, 31, Old Barnstable Road, East Falmouth, was not injured but was “extremely” intoxicated. He also found what appeared to be cocaine in Mr. Free’s possession. He brought him into protective custody, where he was charged with a subsequent offense of possession of a Class B drug.

8:28 AM: Jesse C. McDonald, 31, of Sandwich was struck by a motor vehicle driven by George L. Pelletier, 72, Sandwich Road, East Falmouth, while he drove a motorcycle on Teaticket Highway. Emergency responders transported Mr. McDonald to Falmouth Hospital for minor injuries. Mr. Pelletier admitted the accident was his fault and said that he pulled out of Alphonse Street in front of the motorcyclist.

8:48 AM: An officer found a loose dog on Alphonse Street, Teaticket. Falmouth Animal Control eventually returned the dog to its owner.

11:08 AM: Police responded to Rose Morin Lane, East Falmouth, for a noise complaint. At the scene, two women held onto one weed whacker and were arguing. One woman told police that the other had been weed whacking for three hours and the noise was bothering her. The officer advised both women to leave each other alone and the weed whacker operator agreed to stop weed-whacking.

11:15 AM: A resident of Waquoit Highway reported that two chainsaws, valued at $1,200 and $800 respectively, were stolen from their property.

11:27 AM: A resident reported to police that someone stole his bicycle.

11:45 AM: Lynne A. White, 55, Rose Morin Lane, East Falmouth, reversed her vehicle into an unoccupied motorcycle that belonged to a police officer who had responded to the scene for a disturbance. Police issued Ms. White two citations. The motorcycle sustained scrapes, dents and chips on its right side.

1:20 PM: A resident of Fortaleza Drive, East Falmouth, reported that a man dressed in black was standing with a gun near their property. An officer respond and saw that it was a BB gun.

2:47 PM: Kevin M. Whelan, 47, of Millis drove his motorcycle off Oyster Pond Road in Falmouth and admitted that his inattention caused the accident. Falmouth Fire and Rescue transported him to Falmouth Hospital for moderate injuries.

6:41 PM: A resident of Scranton Avenue, Falmouth, reported that 12 fishing poles were stolen from their shed. Police located a broken lock on the shed floor.

8:27 PM: Police arrested Thomas E. Brunnell Jr., 40, Spring Bars Road, Falmouth, for assault and battery during a domestic disturbance on Spring Bars Road.

8:50 PM: Police were dispatched to the Shining Sea Bikeway near Palmer Avenue, Falmouth, for a loud argument. Police located an intoxicated woman, identified as Laura A. Warren, 31, Pearl Lane, East Falmouth. She resisted being taken into protective custody and kept swinging her fists at the responding officers, police said. Detective Robert D. Murray used a stun gun and Ms. Warren complied. Police charged her with resisting arrest and disorderly conduct.


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