Falmouth Police Briefs May 8-11, 2014

Thursday, May 8

3:45 PM: A Falmouth man reported that someone stole his cell phone from a local gym.

5:21 PM: An Alton Lane, East Falmouth, resident reported that he had an altercation with his neighbor after his neighbor’s dog harassed him. The dog’s owner threatened and pushed him.

5:54 PM: An East Falmouth man said that his son’s dirt bike had been stolen from a locked shed on his property at Pinecrest Beach Drive. He described the motorized bike as a yellow and white Suzuki.

6:29 PM: A patrolman responded to a Palmer Avenue restaurant after receiving a report that someone broke a car window with her foot. Police allege that the woman, identified as Malika Shepherd, 34, Suncrest Drive, East Falmouth was extremely intoxicated. Police brought her into protective custody. The owner of the car did not press charges.

7:02 PM: A resident of Leonard Drive, East Falmouth, reported a neighborhood dispute.

7:05 PM: Police responded to the report of a disturbance and assault on Trotting Park Road, East Falmouth, and advised those involved to resolve the issue in court.

7:35 PM: Police responded to a report of a domestic disturbance on Gifford Street, East Falmouth.

8:55 PM: Patrolman Norman Adamson, while stationed on Route 28 North near Thomas B. Landers Road, wrote three speeding violations.

Friday, May 9

2:48 AM: A resident of Old Main Road, North Falmouth, reported that Ronald J. Renaud, 18, of Old Main Road, was in the home and acting “out of control.” Police discovered he had a warrant, they entered the home and placed him under arrest. The warrant extended from the Barnstable District Court for larceny over $250.

8:31 AM: Someone reported an injured hawk in the road on John Parker Road, Hatchville.
From 10:40 AM until noon, five Falmouth officers enforced the “move over law” on Route 28 North and stopped 35 vehicle drivers. No citations were issued but verbal explanations about the “move over law” were given. Officers urged drivers to switch lanes when approaching an emergency vehicle parked in the breakdown lane. Patrolman Dean Eisen initiated the exercise to inform drivers of the law and to promote safety.

10:40 AM: Chad M. Oberlander, 20, Marstons Mills, crashed into a car in front of him driven by Joseph D. Ferrari, 61, of Mansfield, while both were turning from Sandwich Road onto Route 151.

4:35 PM: Police responded to Stop & Shop after they received a report of an argument that took place in the Teaticket Highway parking lot. Police arrested Tina M. Melvin, 39, on a warrant for destruction of property and intimidating a witness.

4:45 PM: A resident of Old Barnstable Road, East Falmouth, reported an ongoing neighborhood dispute that stemmed from a dog that constantly barked. Police talked to the dog owner.

5:06 PM: A resident of Curley Boulevard, North Falmouth, reported a civil dispute and police referred them to the probate court.

5:19 PM: Someone reported that a yellow lab was walking in the roadway with no collar on Terry Lou Lane, Davisville.

5:21 PM: A resident of Thomas Lane, Falmouth, reported a domestic disturbance.

5:44 PM: Someone reported that two boys were throwing lacrosse balls at a flock of geese on Gifford Street Extension, Falmouth. The two were gone when police arrived.

6:15 PM: Police received a report that someone stole seven railing balusters from a bridge on Meadow Neck Road, East Falmouth.

6:52 PM: An employee from the Falmouth Cinema Pub reported that someone left without paying a $37 bill. The employee identified the offender to police. At 7:36 PM, an officer spoke with the offender and he returned to pay his bill.

10:21 PM: Police arrested Kelly M. Schuck, 23, Sandwich Road, East Falmouth, during a domestic dispute at a Sandwich Road residence.

Saturday, May 10

1:54 AM: A patrolman performed a check of a vehicle parked at a Menauhant Beach parking area and found that the operator’s license had expired. The car was towed and the operator was issued a citation.

2:58 AM: Police assisted firefighters to locate a vehicle during a medical emergency.

6:45 AM: A resident of Carolyn Lane, East Falmouth, reported that a man had walked through the backyards of homes in the neighborhood. Police located and transported him out of the area.

7:54 AM: A woman reported that her Nikon camera valued at $4,000 had been stolen from her unlocked vehicle the night before after it had been parked on Cranberry Crossing in East Falmouth.

9:13 AM: A resident of Bonnie Lane, East Falmouth, reported that someone stole an aluminum T-top, a boat accessory valued at $2,000, from their backyard.

9:42 AM: A seasonal resident returned to their home for the summer on Hawthorn Court, East Falmouth, and found an abandoned and opened safe in their yard. Inside the safe was a watch-box and a social security card, which help police identify the owner of the safe. The owner, a victim of a breaking and entering on May 6, recovered the safe. The safe had been stolen from his home on Grand Avenue, Falmouth Heights. Police have a suspect in the case.

10:10 AM: An employee of Cumberland Farms on East Falmouth Highway reported that a customer was acting erratic and throwing items off of store shelves, including soup cans. Police located the man, identified as Jason L. Lawson, 30, and listed as homeless from Falmouth, and arrested him for disturbing the peace and wantonly injuring real or personal property.

10:28 AM: During a crosswalk enforcement initiative on Elm Road and Woods Hole Road, police issued information pamphlets and 12 citations for violating crosswalk violations.

12:39 PM: Police received a report of suspicious people smoking a pipe in a black Honda on Main Street. They were gone upon police arrival.

2:19 PM: Someone hired to clean a home on Barrows Road, East Falmouth reported that the previous occupants of the home threatened to stab members of the cleaning crew with a knife. The family had recently been evicted from the home. Police have not charged anyone yet but they have a suspect.

2:50 PM: Firefighters brought Dana S. Cusolito, 51, Seacoast Shores Boulevard, East Falmouth, to Falmouth Hospital after he was struck by a pickup truck and knocked to the road. Mr. Cusolito said he attempted to cross Teaticket Highway from Maravista Avenue Extension when a maroon Toyota Tacoma struck him and then left the area. Mr. Cusolito had scrapes on his arm and pain in his leg, reported police. Mr. Cusolito said he recognized the driver but did not wish to seek further action.

4:20 PM: Mashpee police reported a motorist driving erratically across town lines with a shredded tire on the car. Falmouth police pulled the vehicle driver over on North Falmouth Highway near Perry Road and charged the woman identified as Elizabeth C. Ellis, 31, of Cherry Valley, New York, for operating under the influence of liquor and drugs, and for endangering a child while driving under the influence. A two-year-old child was in the car, police said. Also found in the car was legally prescribed Oxycodone.

6:17 PM: Police responded to the report of a domestic dispute on Sandwich Road, East Falmouth.

10:08 PM: Firefighters escorted two motor vehicle drivers to Falmouth Hospital for minor injuries after an accident on East Falmouth Highway near Davisville Square. Terezinha Nunes-Julio, 45, John Parker Road, East Falmouth, attempted to turn into a Tedeschi’s parking lot but struck a vehicle driven by Janice M. Mendes, 59, Falmouth, Road, Mashpee, traveling on East Falmouth Highway.

10:48 PM: An 83-year-old man died on Sandwich Road, East Falmouth. Police reported no suspicious activity in the death.

11:53 PM: Police reported they broke up a party of about 15 youths at the Woodneck Beach parking lot in Sippewissett. Police said they waited while parents of the party-goers received rides from their guardians.

Sunday, May 11

7:42 AM: Someone walking along Black Beach in West Falmouth noticed a broken window on the back of a home on Drift Road and reported it to police. Police said that it appeared that an object had been thrown through the window and that nothing was missing in the house.

8:13 AM: A resident of Altons Way, Waquoit, reported they found broken eggs on their roof and driveway, brake fluid dripped around their driveway in the shape of three Xs, as well as dog feces spread over their tools and property. Police have a suspect in the incident.

9:57 AM: A resident of Sam Turner Road, East Falmouth, reported harassing phone calls.

2:44 PM: A resident of Heritage Circle, East Falmouth, reported that a neighbor had dumped branches in their back yard.

4:03 PM: Police arrested Gerry J. Bonafigila, 55, Stub Toe Lane, East Falmouth, after he left Stop & Shop with a cart filled with over $300 in groceries without paying. Mr. Bonafigila also had a warrant out of Falmouth District Court for shoplifting.

4:45 PM: A resident of Chase Road, West Falmouth, reported that someone vandalized a walkway and other items.


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