Falmouth Police Briefs May 8, 2014

Monday, May 5

8:31 AM: Police issued Samantha J. Clark, 26, of Forestdale a citation for following too closely after she rear-ended a car on East Falmouth Highway. Ms. Clark said she did not see the vehicle in front of her, which was driven by Michelle A. Duarte-Anderson, 53, of Cotuit. Ms. Duarte-Anderson’s vehicle was pushed forward and struck another vehicle driven by Casey F. Staggs, 30, Webquish Lane, Mashpee, after being struck. Both Ms. Clark’s and Ms. Duarte-Anderson’s vehicles were towed due to extensive damage. Police did not report any injuries.

11:38 AM: An employee of Falmouth District Court reported that a man was drunk and acting disorderly in the courthouse. Patrolman James E. Rogers responded and took the man to the mall for him to take a bus. Ptl. Rogers noted the man had been drinking but was steady on his feet.

2:02 PM: A resident of Stephen P. Wentworth Road, North Falmouth, reported that hostas and bleeding hearts had been stolen from her yard.

2:43 PM: Someone reported that a television was illegally dumped over an embankment on Waquoit Landing Road.

4:21 PM: An unknown driver fled the scene of an accident after rear-ending Lex L. Brown, 33, Ashumet Avenue, Mashpee, while traveling on East Falmouth Highway. The two drivers exchanged words briefly before the unknown driver fled, police reported.

5:29 PM: Jade V. Pena, 24, Heritage Circle, East Falmouth, crashed her car into a vehicle on East Falmouth Highway that was stopped to turn onto Baptiste Lane. Police stated that Ms. Pena’s car’s front, right tire was bald, which could have contributed to her not being able to stop in time. Her car careened off the other car and struck a fire hydrant. The waiting car was driven by Dorothy A. Monteiro, 72, of Baptiste Lane, East Falmouth. Police reported no injuries.

9:41 PM: A woman called police from a home on Seacoast Shores Boulevard and said she could not stay at her house because people were mean to her there. Police transported her to another location.

Tuesday, May 6

7:12 AM: Police pulled over and wrote a citation to a woman on Locust Street and Woods Hole Road whose Honda was uninspected and registration revoked. The car was towed.

7:32 AM: A resident on Teaticket Highway reported an unwanted guest. Upon police arrival, the man left on his own accord.

8:39 AM: Someone reported they found a dead cat in the sand dunes between Chapoquoit Beach and Bowerman’s Beach Club in West Falmouth.

12:27 PM: Police referred a caller to the DPW when they received a report that a section of Homestead Lane, East Falmouth, seemed to be sinking.

3:32 PM: A patrolman reported an accident that involved a bicyclist and a pedestrian on Grand Avenue, Falmouth Heights. Police reported there were no serious injuries. A full report has not been completed.

4 PM: Christi L. Youdis, 43, of Halifax, Massachusetts, side-swiped a car driven by Christopher J. Roderick, 45, Brady Drive, East Falmouth, when Ms. Youdis attempted to change lanes on Sandwich Road at the intersection of Route 151. Police reported moderate damage to both cars, although neither was towed. Police reported no injuries. 

7:09 PM: A resident of Grand Avenue, Falmouth Heights, reported that someone had gained entrance into his home through a kitchen window and had stolen a Sentry safe. Flat-screen televisions, computers and video games remained at the house. The man reported that $200 in cash was in the safe as well as bank information. Police have a suspect in the incident.

8:20 PM: Police responded to a domestic dispute on Luke Road, East Falmouth.

Wednesday, May 7

12:09 AM: Police responded to a domestic dispute on Main Street.

7:19 AM: A man reported that someone broke into his boat on Saturday and stole two sets of binoculars a mobile hotspot device. His boat was docked in Falmouth Harbor behind the Flying Bridge. Earlier that Saturday morning, the owner disregarded a motion alarm that sounded in the boat because he believed a rodent had set it off. The binoculars were valued at $1,500 and $1,300. There was no forced entry into the boat and police have a suspect in the investigation.

10:41 AM: A woman on Currier Road, East Falmouth, reported an identity theft.

10:49 AM: A resident of Homestead Lane, East Falmouth, reported that a pit bull ran into his yard, growled at him and then left. Police were unable to locate the dog.

1:50 PM: Police reported a three-car accident on Teaticket Highway. Cameron P. Beausoleil, 19, of Lowell said that he did not stop in time for another car in front of him and collided with the rear of the car, driven by Bruce S. Regan, 82, South Sandwich Road, Mashpee. Mr. Regan’s car was propelled forward and struck another vehicle driven by Michael D. Dudley, 33, Edgewater West Drive, East Falmouth.

4:33 PM: Police and Falmouth Fire and Rescue responded to the report of an overdose on Spring Bars Road, Falmouth. Police reported that person to be a 25-year-old man from Hyannis and that he overdosed on heroin. Firefighters transported him to the Emergency Room,where he survived.

5:06 PM: Police issued a citation to the owner of a vehicle with a revoked registration, due to an insurance cancellation and seized the license plates.

5:26 PM: Patrolman James F. Porter wrote a citation to a speeding vehicle on Route 28 North.

7:48 PM: Police arrested Jason M. Machado, 25, of Hyannis, on an warrant from the Barnstable District Court.

8:32 PM: Someone brought a wallet they found on Davis Straits, Falmouth, to the police station. Later, someone came into the station to reclaim the wallet. The owner reported that the only thing missing in the wallet was a $100 bill.

9:43 PM: Police served a restraining order to someone at a residence on Swallow Street, Teaticket.

Thursday, May 8

12:22 AM: A man reported that a bartender from a bar on Main Street was withholding his keys and that he wanted them back because he claimed he was not drunk. A few minutes later, the bartender of the establishment called the police and said that the man had assaulted her. Upon police arrival, the bartender said that she did not want to seek charges. The keys were withheld from the man.

7:32 AM: A resident of Penny Royal Lane, East Falmouth, reported that someone broke into their residence and stole a flat-screen television valued at $400. The owners had not been at the house for two weeks. A worker on the property noticed a broken window to a door on Wednesday.   


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