Falmouth Police Find Alleged Gun Carrier, Determine False Alarm

After what was described as an exhaustive search, Falmouth police reported that they have interacted with the alleged gun carrier and reported that they do not believe he was in possession of any weapon and that he had not committed any crime associated with this morning’s school lockdown.

Teaticket Elementary School was placed in a modified lockdown this morning after a parent reported that they thought they witnessed someone with a weapon on school grounds.

Falmouth Police Department Captain Brian L. Reid issued the following statement at approximately 11:15 AM:


“Officers have interacted with a man who they believe was the individual seen walking through the school grounds. He was not in possession of any weapons, and is not suspected of having committed any crimes at this time (school was not yet open when he passed through the area).

“Early news reports that he was seen carrying a firearm were inaccurate. The abundance of caution involved in this response was reflective of how serious such incidents must be considered. Over the past 7 years, there has been a collaborative effort between the Police, Fire, and School Departments in Falmouth to train and prepare for incidents such as this in order to offer the safest environment possible for them at our schools. This incident was not a drill, and the entire staff of the Teaticket School responded extremely well to help ensure the safety of the children in their care.”

Police had placed a modified lockdown at the school after a parent of a student allegedly saw someone carrying a weapon. Students remained in class although police patrolled the area and no one was allowed on school grounds.

The remainder of the police release read:

“The individual was apparently crossing through from Maravista Avenue Extension toward the Teaticket area. The parent and child both saw an undiscernible item in the man’s hand. The parent initially tried to locate the individual in Teaticket in order to better see what the item he was carrying was. The parent became concerned and decided to report the incident when unable to locate the individual. A decision was made to place the school into Lockdown as a precaution, and an exhaustive search of the area was conducted, with the assistance of a Barnstable County Sheriff’s Department K-9 Officer. The school was advised to operate normally within the building, but to keep windows and doors closed, shades drawn, and not allow children outside for recess as an additional precaution until the Police Department notified them otherwise.”


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