Falmouth Police Logs July 17 -21, 2014

Thursday, July 17, 2014

1:26 PM: Detectives Ronald M. Carpenter and Michael J. Simoneau and patrolman Clifford T. Harris arrested Eric Teixeira, 34, of Lowell at Super Lube on Main Street on a federal warrant for weapons offenses. A detective from the Lowell Police Department took custody of Mr. Teixeira.

2:21 PM: Police received the report of an injured raccoon on Squibnocket Drive, East Falmouth.

4:46 PM: Police issued multiple citations to drivers who failed to stop for bicyclists crossing Locust Street on the Shining Sea Bikeway.

4:49 PM: A resident of Heather Lane, North Falmouth, reported that their home had been broken into and a 46-inch television, iPad, watch, laptop, and a camera had been stolen worth a combined value of approximately $2,000.

6:09 PM: A resident of Morris Street, Teaticket, reported a domestic disturbance.

6:47 PM: A resident of Pine Ridge Road, East Falmouth, reported the continuation of an ongoing neighborhood dispute among three neighbors regarding cats.

10:37 PM: Police responded to Montauk Street, East Falmouth, for the report of a woman screaming. Police found the woman, identified as Maurine LaVallee, 48, of Montauk Street and arrested her after she continued to scream and yell profanities. She was charged with disorderly conduct.


Friday, July 18, 2014

12:49 AM: Police brought Kirk A. Bater, 51, East Falmouth, into protective custody after they found him allegedly intoxicated at a gas station on Sandwich Road.

1:34 AM: The manager of Old Silver Beach concession stand in North Falmouth reported someone pried open a window of the stand and stole items from the store. The manager showed police evidence on video surveillance of the suspects. Police responded to a North Falmouth Highway home where they believed the suspects to be.

Police saw the car seen in the surveillance camera at the home as well as tools in the vehicle associated with burglary.

They then arrested James J. Pierson, 45, of North Falmouth Highway and Brian Bortz, 46, Trickett Street, North Falmouth, both at the North Falmouth Highway home at the time. Police found items stolen from the concession stand in Mr. Pierson’s vehicle and home.

10:13 AM: A resident of Davis Road, Falmouth, reported that a generator was stolen from an unlocked shed on the property.

4:15 PM: A resident of Heritage Circle, Teaticket, reported that an intruder had entered the home. Police have not finished a report.

4:40 PM: An employee at Olympia Sports on Davis Straits reported that a woman tried to sneak shoes out of the store. After she was caught, she paid for the shoes.

5:28 PM: A resident found a wallet with cash, receipts, and credits cards on Bittersweet Road, East Falmouth, and turned it in to police.

6:36 PM: A resident of O’Donnell Avenue, East Falmouth, reported a domestic disturbance.

8:40 PM: Police arrested Samantha L. Gardner, 24, Periwinkle Lane, Mashpee, from a Ter Heun Drive address on warrants from the Northbridge Police Department for receiving stolen property.

9:38 PM: Police brought a North Reading man into protective custody from a Teaticket Highway restaurant for a medical related incident.

10:13 PM: Police arrested Meredith Pratt, 45, Priscilla Street, Falmouth, for assault and battery during a domestic disturbance.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

12:40 AM: Police received the report of a suspicious vehicle parked at the Ashumet Road boat ramp in East Falmouth. Upon their arrival, police cited a passenger in the vehicle for possession of an open container of alcohol.

2:38 AM: A resident of East Falmouth Highway reported a domestic dispute.

8:41 AM: A resident of Worcester Court, Falmouth, reported a window on their car had been smashed and a purse stolen. Police did not report they had any suspects.

10:21 AM: While on patrol on Vidal Avenue, East Falmouth, patrolman Chad A. Leighton saw two men in a vehicle he knew to have active warrants. He pulled the car over and arrested both Joseph Pariseau, 33, Blueberry Lane, Falmouth, and Patrick G. Doyle, 35, Vidal Avenue, East Falmouth. Mr. Doyle had a warrant out of Falmouth District Court for the use of a motor vehicle without authority and operation of a motor vehicle with a suspended license; Mr. Pariseau had a warrant for possession of a Class A drug from the Falmouth court.

11:06 AM: Falmouth police received a report from Massachusetts state police that an airplane crashed at the East Falmouth airport on Air Park Drive. State police reported that the aviator overshot the runway and flipped into the woods. State police reported that there were no serious injuries and that the two individuals in the plane refused medical attention from Falmouth paramedics.

11:33 AM: A woman came in with a blue bag found on Gifford Street that contained a wallet and credit cards.

1:01 PM: Police brought Michael A. Luna, 33, Ships Anchor Drive, Mashpee, into protective custody after a domestic disturbance on Turner Road, East Falmouth.

2:06 PM: Police received a report that items were stolen from a car parked on Pocasset Street, Teaticket.

7:53 PM: Police received a report of a bike discarded into some bushes at the corner of Estrella Lane and Seabrook Drive in Teaticket.

8:08 PM: Police brought Dale P. Fader, 63, listed as homeless, into protective custody after they found him sleeping in a parking space in the Falmouth Plaza. Police reported that he was heavily intoxicated.

8:52 PM: A resident of Waquoit Highway reported a domestic disturbance.

9:23 PM: Bourne Police reported that there was a drug overdose on Route 28 North near the Route 151 exit. Falmouth police reported there was confusion as to where the victim was located but police located the victim in Bourne.

9:55 PM: Police picked up a small black dog on Main Street and brought it to Falmouth Animal Control.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Midnight: An anonymous caller reported a large house party on Saint Marks Road, Teaticket.

12:17 AM: Police responded to a beach on Westwood Road, North Falmouth, where there was a large party. Police reported that members involved in the party were leaving upon their arrival. Minors at the beach were asked by police to call their parents for rides home.

1:20 AM: Police responded to Surrey Lane near Carriage Shop Road, East Falmouth. Police located a man walking away from an accident on Carriage Shop Road after a witness told police they saw him leave. Police identified him as Andrew W. Sanders, 27, of Carriage Shop Road and found that he had abrasions on his right arm. Mr. Sanders said that he had crashed his car and was walking home. Police reported that they smelled alcohol on him and that after he failed sobriety tests, police arrested him for drunk driving charges and leaving the scene of property damage.

8:37 AM: A resident of Main Street reported a domestic disturbance.

8:44 AM: A resident of Cypress Street, Teaticket, reported that their motor vehicle had been broken into.

11:04 AM: Police located Adam P. McGue, 30, Sandwich Road, East Falmouth, while serving a search warrant at a Davis Straits residence. Police reported that Mr. McGue answered the door and that they arrested him without issue on a warrant from the Falmouth District Court for unarmed robbery and assault and battery.

12:30 PM: Police recovered a purse that was found on Menauhant Road, East Falmouth.

1:23 PM: A resident of Sweet Road, North Falmouth, reported that a suspect known to them, whom the resident had a no trespass order against, walked across their porch. The incident is under investigation.

3:36 PM: A resident of Old Barnstable Road, East Falmouth, reported that a landscaper who came to their home seemed suspicious and that the landscaper left hypodermic needles on the property.

Monday, July 21, 2014

2:15 AM: Patrolman Anthony DeVito identified a man in a vehicle driving near Thomas Landers Road, East Falmouth, that had a warrant out of Quincy District Court for operating a motor vehicle with a suspended license, and operating a motor vehicle on a closed state highway. Ptl. DeVito pulled over the man, identified as Hugh C. Robinson, 41, of Randolph, and arrested him without incident.

4:23 AM: Police reported that a man believed to have an active warrant for his arrest ran into a home on Homestead Lane, Teaticket. Police reported they were given permission to search the residence where they found Jason H.C. Tobey, 28, Gifford Street, Falmouth, a different man than the one they were looking for, but who also had a warrant from a New Bedford court for assault and battery, rape of a child, and indecent assault and battery of a child. Police arrested Mr. Tobey.


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