Falmouth Police Logs July 21 - 24, 2014

Monday, July 21

2:45 PM: A resident of Glenwood Avenue, Falmouth, reported the larceny of a wallet.

2:51 PM: A resident of Plum Hollow Road, East Falmouth, requested assistance with the victim of an overdose. Police reported that the overdose victim had left the house but was located shortly after and transport by firefighters to Falmouth Hospital.

7:35 PM: An employee of Stop & Shop reported that three shoplifters walked out of the store on foot. Police did not have further information but have opened an investigation.

8:14 PM: Police received a report of the larceny of two kayaks from Deep Pond Road, East Falmouth.

9:39 PM: Police received a report that a boat had been stolen from Quissett Harbor. Upon their arrival, they learned the boat had been returned and the owner said that it had been used with his authority. No charges have been pressed.

10:47 PM: A resident of East Falmouth Highway reported that there was a suspicious man lurking around the East Falmouth Public Library. Upon arrival, police brought George Pelletier, 44 of East Falmouth, who appeared to be intoxicated, into protective custody.

11:54 PM: A resident of Ransom Road, Falmouth, found a window screen missing on the home and believed the house had been entered by an intruder. Police found no signs of forced entry. Nothing appeared missing from the home, police reported.


Tuesday, July 22

8:24 AM: Police arrested William A. Rogers III, 31, of Elain Avenue, East Falmouth, during a traffic stop on Elain Avenue for subsequent offense of operation of a motor vehicle with a revoked license.

12:51 AM: Police brought a woman into protective custody from Ter Heun Drive.

12:55 PM: A resident of Main Street reported a check was fraudulently cashed.

5:10 PM: Police responded to an ongoing domestic disturbance on Turner Road, East Falmouth.

5:27 PM: A resident of Palmer Avenue, Falmouth, reported that the glass on a patio table had shattered outside their home and were not sure if it was a case of vandalism or an accident.

7:36 PM: A resident reported that while attempting to enter a restaurant on Teaticket Highway, another customer exited, flicking ashes and using profane language. Police have opened an investigation.

8:44 PM: Police responded to the Cape Cod Fairgrounds for the report that a vendor was selling counterfeit sunglasses. Police documented the incident and the vendor agreed to stop selling the sunglasses.

10:14 PM: Police arrested Michael P. McGinnis, 23, of Mashpee for disorderly conduct after police said that he caused a disturbance by arguing with his girlfriend, yelling, and refusing to cooperate with police.

10:41 PM: A resident of Royal Circle, East Falmouth, reported that her shed door was open and a dirt bike was missing from inside.

Wednesday, July 23

1:37 AM: Patrolman Melissa Martin performed a routine check at a beach parking lot on Menauhant Road. A woman approached her and said that she needed police assistance because her car was stuck on the beach. Ptl. Martin said the car was parked 20 feet from the lot between two sand dunes. The officer looked in the vehicle and noticed what she believed to be a bag of narcotics. She searched the car and found cocaine and evidence of heroin use. She arrested the woman, identified as Amy L. Campbell, 32, of Teaticket Highway for cocaine possession.

9:09 AM: Police received the report that a man in a white van was harassing a female employee of a establishment on Scranton Avenue.

9:38 AM: A woman reported that her son’s iPhone was stolen while he was at the county fair the night before.

10:41 AM: A resident of Main Street reported a domestic dispute

12:30 PM: Mashpee and Falmouth police, as well as officials from the Cape and Islands Drug Task Force, acted on a search warrant of a residence on Homestead Lane, East Falmouth. Two men were arrested in the residence: Jason H.C. Tobey and Eric M. Campbell, 32, of Teaticket Highway. Police said that they located cocaine and heroin in the house but did not report how much. Police did not release more information on the case but said that a longer report would follow at a later date. Mr. Tobey is facing charges of possession to distribute cocaine and heroin while Mr. Campbell faces possession of cocaine charges.

2:28 PM: Police were dispatched to English Street, Teaticket, to arrest Alexander Tourles, 25, of English Street on a warrant. Police found Mr. Tourles hiding in a closet and placed him under arrest on a probation warrant from Falmouth District Court.

3:47 PM: A resident of West Falmouth Highway reported that his son was driving his vehicle without permission.

5:18 PM: A resident of Turner Road, East Falmouth, reported a domestic dispute.

6:24 PM: Police arrested Kelly M. Abarca, 27, of East Falmouth Highway, on a warrant from Falmouth District Court after they found her at the Barnstable County Fair. The warrant was for assault and battery of a child.

8:38 PM: A resident of Nobska Road, Woods Hole, reported an Internet scam. Police did not release further details.

9:59 PM: Multiple residents in the East Falmouth area reported the sound of gunshots. Police spoke with residents and believed the sound came from fireworks.

11:38 PM: Police responded to the intersection of Waquoit Highway and Waquoit Landing Road after the report of a vehicle accident. At the intersection, police reported that a truck driver had crashed into a tree. The driver said that he did not need medical attention. An officer reported that the man appeared intoxicated. After the driver failed sobriety tests, he was placed under arrest for drunk driving. He was identified as Matthew R. Ouimet, 23, of Rickenbacker Road, East Falmouth.

Thursday, July 24

12:36 AM: Police arrested Michael K. Melvin, 37, listed as homeless, on a warrant from Falmouth District Court for assault and battery.

1:21 AM: Police arrested Phillip L. Robbins, 41, of Edgerton Drive, Falmouth, for violating a restraining order. Police made the arrest on Main Street.


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