Falmouth Police Logs July 25 - 28, 2014

Friday, July 25, 2014

11:06 AM: A resident of Davis Straits, Falmouth, reported that a $3 bottle of shampoo was stolen but was later returned. Police reported that she does not want to pursue charges.

12:13 PM: A motorist reported that another vehicle struck his car while parked on Water Street in Woods Hole and then left the scene. Police reported the damages to be minor but have opened an investigation.

1:30 PM: Department of Marine and Environmental Service officials reported that staff successfully freed a young deer that had been trapped in a defunct pumphouse on Hatchville Road.

3:55 PM: Police responded to Olympia Sports in the Falmouth Plaza after an employee reported a woman was taking items and stuffing them into her purse. Officers Elvira Ferrer and William Kosky approached the woman, a 31-year-old from East Falmouth, who admitted to shoplifting. Police reported that charges will follow. No arrests have been made yet.

4:43 PM: A resident of Plum Hollow Road, East Falmouth, reported a domestic disturbance.

5:45 PM: The parents of a 14-year-old girl from Judy Ann Drive, East Falmouth, reported that the girl was missing. Police located her later at Falmouth Mall.

6:45 PM: Police brought Natalie Smith, 32, of Vineyard Haven into protective custody from Palmer Avenue for alleged intoxication.

8:03 PM: The owner of a car parked on Surf Drive, Falmouth, reported that the car had been vandalized.

9:13 PM: Two cooks at a Scranton Avenue restaurant reported that they had gotten into a heated argument over the specific rotation of a fish. One reported that the other had struck him in the head several times while the other cook said that the other had slammed his head against the cooler door. Police advised both to resolve the issue in court.

11:24 PM: A resident near Falmouth Harbor reported that the music from a Scranton Avenue establishment was extremely loud. Police documented the noise complaint.


Saturday, July 26, 2014

12:02 AM: Police reported that a traffic flare was stolen from outside of the Barnstable County Fair on Route 151.

12:38 AM: Detective Robert D. Murray observed a crowd of people gathered outside of a Scranton Avenue establishment and two men pushing and shoving people. After interviews, Det. Murray found that two men, identified as Christopher Warner, 22, of Acton, and Sean P. Amaru, 21, Massachusetts Avenue, Falmouth, had been escorted from the establishment by employees but refused to leave, and had then run through the parking lot attempting to fight patrons. Det. Murray placed both in protective custody.

1:38 AM: Paramedics transported the victim of a heroin overdose to Falmouth Hospital from a Pinehurst Road, East Falmouth, residence.

4:40 AM: Officers Ryan Moore and William Kosky responded to the report of an accident near the intersection of Seapit Road and Waquoit Highway. The officers arrived and found that the vehicle was fully engulfed in flames. Police reported that the car appeared to have been driven down an embankment and then into a tree. The car remained perpendicular to the road. A telephone pole in the area as well as wires were damaged. Officer Moore confirmed that no one was in the vehicle. Officer Melissa Martin arrived and found a man sitting on the side of Waquoit Highway, identified as Terrence O’Connell, 60, of Sandwich. Police did not report any injuries but determined Mr. O’Connell to be intoxicated and brought him into protective custody. Police are unaware at this time if he was the driver of the vehicle and an investigation remains open. Police reported that further action could be taken.

6 AM: Officer Paul Stefanelli responded to Falmouth Taxi on Walker Street after receiving a report that a customer failed to pay his taxi fare. The driver reported that he had dropped a man off at his house who said that he would run inside to find money to pay the fare, but never came back. Police reported that the man eventually agreed to pay the fare, but by end of day, he had not paid. Police reported that he will face charges for evasion of a taxi fare although no arrests have been made at this time.

9:18 AM: Police arrested Russell Pena, 35, listed as homeless, for assault and battery, kidnapping, and intimidating a witness during a domestic dispute on Worcester Court, Falmouth.

9:59 AM: A resident of Hudson Street, Falmouth, reported that the home had been broken into and an unknown amount of money stolen.

10:02 AM: Police received the report of vandalism to a mailbox on Cumloden Drive, Falmouth.

10:31 AM: A resident of Amherst Avenue, Falmouth Heights, reported that $130 in cash was stolen from a wallet inside the home as well as an iPod from a vehicle. Police believe that the intruder gained entrance by cutting a screen window.

1:19 PM: Detective Christopher P. Bartolomei responded to a residence on Commodore Lane, East Falmouth, for the report of a drug overdose. The overdose victim was William A. Rogers III, 31, Elain Avenue, East Falmouth. Paramedics were on scene before Det. Bartolomei and were in the process of resuscitating him. Det. Bartolomei reported that he had received information that Mr. Rogers was working on homes in the area as a contractor and that he was robbing the customers, court documents read.

Det. Bartolomei said that he feared for Mr. Rogers’s safety because he was unconscious, and he searched his backpack nearby to see what kind of narcotics he was under the influence of. He found what was later confirmed to be merchandise that belonged to the Commodore Lane resident. Also found were used syringes. Stolen items included Army uniform buttons, old and foreign coins and jewelry.

Police arrested Mr. Rogers and charged him with larceny over $250, larceny from a building, maliciously injuring real or personal property, disorderly conduct, breaking and entering into a building during the daytime for a felony, three charges of possession to distribute a Class E drug, and receiving stolen property over $250.

3:21 PM: A resident of Damon Drive, Falmouth, reported that their home was broken into and a laptop computer, two watches, and six pairs of earrings were stolen. Police reported that entry was gained through a second floor rear window on the back deck.

8:57 PM: A home on Elm Road, Falmouth, was report to have been broken into. A woman reported that she went to the house to feed a cat because the homeowner was out of town and found the front door forced open. Police reported that splinters from the door were in the entryway, that drawers were open and items strewn about including empty jewelry boxes. Police called the sheriff’s department for photos and prints.

9:01 PM: Police brought Kenneth J. Robertson, 28, listed as homeless, into protective custody after they determined that he was intoxicated on Teaticket Highway.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

1:03 AM: Police received a report that a man was fishing on a private dock on Hotel Street, East Falmouth. Police asked the man to leave and then called a taxi for him when he said that he did not have a license.

3:11 AM: Police were dispatched to Pacheco Path, East Falmouth, for the report of a female screaming. Police searched the area and found what was reported to be intoxicated minors near Bourse’s Pond. The minors’ parents were called. One minor will face charges of possession of alcohol.

3:49 AM: Officer Ruben Ferrer responded to Falmouth Hospital for the report that a woman was out of control, was yelling at security officers and had assaulted a nurse. Officer Ferrer said that the woman punched him in the chest, scratched his face, and attempted to bite his hand while he put handcuffs on her. Police charged the woman, identified as Madeline L. Fahey, 21, of Wellesley with disorderly conduct, assault and battery on a police officer, and two counts of simple assault and battery.

6:48 AM: A resident of Wing Road, North Falmouth, reported that two unlocked vehicles were broken into overnight, and that credit cards were stolen. Police reported that the credit cards were used in Falmouth following the break-in and reported that they will follow up with stores to receive video footage in order to see who was using the cards.

11:30 AM: A resident of North Falmouth Highway reported a domestic disturbance.

12:03 PM: A resident of Dusty Miller Road, Falmouth, reported acts of vandalism to her mail box and other Racing Beach signs.

12:30 PM: Police received the report of a hit and run accident on Main Street near Post Office Road. The caller reported that while parked, another vehicle driver reversed into his car while leaving a parking space. The man attempted to stop the operator, but the driver fled. He then caught up with the vehicle, but the driver fled the scene again. Police received the license plate number of the vehicle and reported that appropriate action will be taken.

2:32 PM: A resident of Edmar Road, East Falmouth, reported the larceny of a bicycle.

2:46 PM: A man brought three American flags to the police station that he found at the rear of his home and said that he did not know how the flags got there. Police brought the flags into evidence.

3:14 PM: Police received the report of a disturbance on Spring Bars Road, Falmouth.

5:42 PM: Police were dispatched to Quissett Harbor Road when they received the report that a man needed a ride home after he had too much to drink. Upon arrival, police observed a red pick-up truck driving on the road that belonged to the man. Police reported that he appeared intoxicated. The man, identified as Rocco F. Maffei, 37, Lakeway, Falmouth, refused to take field sobriety tests and was then placed under arrest for charges of drunk driving, not being in possession of registration, and possession of an open container of alcohol.

10:48 PM: A resident of Sippewissett Road, Falmouth, reported that when they returned home after a trip, they found their front door had been tampered with. Police reported that it appeared that the door had been kicked in. They reported that they did not notice anything out of place, and it appeared that nothing was stolen.

Monday, July 28, 2014

12:57 AM: Police received the report of an intoxicated woman in the area of Barrows Road and Fresh Pond Road, Waquoit. Police found the woman, identified as Lisa M. Taylor, 48, Plum Hollow Road, East Falmouth, and reported that she appeared to be under the influence of narcotics. Police searched her belongings and found three pipes with cocaine residue, as well as bags of cocaine and heroin. She was placed under arrest for her subsequent offenses for possession of both Class A and B drugs.


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