Falmouth Police Logs July 3 - 7, 2014

Thursday, July 3, 2014

11:29 AM: Robert S. Reed, 58, Palmer Avenue, Falmouth, drove his car across the center line on East Falmouth Highway near Mahoney’s Garden Center and collided head-on with a vehicle driven by Carmen L. Espinoza, 51, of Mashpee. Firefighters transported Ms. Espinoza and a passenger in her vehicle to Falmouth Hospital for what police said were minor injuries. Mr. Reed was transported to the hospital with serious injuries. Police issued multiple driving citations to Mr. Reed.

1:23 PM: Patrolman Mark E. Deutschmann responded to a home on Gifford Street where an alarm had sounded. Upon arrival, a young man fled the back door of the home and into the woods. Approximately seven police officers and detectives responded to the area. The homeowner reported that $4,000 in cash was stolen as well as marijuana. Approximately 30 minutes after the alarm, Detective Robert Murray located the described suspect—identified as Kellen A. Wessling, 37, listed as homeless and from Falmouth—behind the Falmouth Senior Center on Dillingham Avenue where he arrested him.

Michael A. Geggatt, 23, also listed as homeless from Falmouth, was arrested in connection to the robbery when police found him on a beach watching the Fourth of July fireworks on Sunday. Police also arrested John P. Lynch, 24, Kerrywood Drive, East Falmouth, in connection to the robbery when they responded to the report that a man appeared under the influence of a narcotic and was staggering around Falmouth Plaza. Police located Mr. Lynch; he was found to be in possession of $4,000 in cash and admitted to have recently used heroin.

Police also said that charges could be brought against the homeowner of the Gifford Street home for marijuana-related infractions but did not release further information.

2:06 PM:  Mashpee and Falmouth police, as well as an officer from the Barnstable County Sheriff’s Department, responded to the Cape Cod Fairgrounds during the Mashpee Wampanoag Powwow for the report of a fight.

Police reported that no one faced criminal charges.

4:04 PM: A resident of Davisville Road, East Falmouth, reported that someone vandalized their home with black spray paint.

4:49 PM: The guest of an inn on Palmer Avenue reported that a bike was stolen.

6:57 PM: A resident of Andrews Street, East Falmouth, reported that a grill and bike were stolen from their residence.

7:02 PM: Someone reported a fight outside of the Falmouth Cinema Pub  in the Falmouth Mall. Police reported that those involved in the fight dispersed upon their arrival.

11:50 PM: A man reported that while driving on Sam Turner Road, East Falmouth, something smashed his car window when another vehicle passed him. The man was unsure if the damage was caused by a rock or a BB gun.

Friday, July 4, 2014

1:26 AM: Police received a report of an assault on Robbins Road, Falmouth. There were no serious injuries in the incident and they will not press charges.

4:56 AM: Police responded to Pamela Lane, East Falmouth, after receiving a report of three unfamiliar cars parked outside of the home. Police eventually tracked down two men who attempted to flee upon their arrival.

Patrolman Anthony Devito arrested Christopher T. Hanson, 26, of Brockton after he had jumped a fence. Police also arrested Linton C. Robinson, 35, of Hyde Park later in the evening. Both are charged with unarmed burglary and resisting arrest. Police also arrested Yvonne Goncalves, 30, of Brockton, who sat in a car outside the home, on two warrants from a Brockton court and a Taunton court. She was also arrested for being an accessory before the fact. A backpack with computers and other items believed to be property of the homeowner were located in the home.

8:53 AM: Police responded to a report that children were left in an idling car on Teaticket Highway. Police filed a complaint with the Department of Children and Families (DCF) following the incident.

10:40 AM: A baseball bat found at the Falmouth Little League field on Gifford Street was delivered to the Falmouth police station for evidence, after someone believed it was used in the theft from the concession stand on June 15.

11:32 AM: Firefighters responded to Central Avenue, East Falmouth, for the report of an overdose.

12:20 PM: Police received a report that a young child was walking unaccompanied on East Falmouth Highway. Police united the child with their family and notified DCF.

1:25 PM: A Walmart security guard reported a theft at the store.

3:12 PM: Firefighters responded to East Falmouth Highway for the report of an overdose. The man admitted to using heroin but refused medical treatment.

4:18 PM: Police responded to Davisville Road, East Falmouth, for the report of a motor vehicle accident and arrested Court J. Damon, 20, Breezy Way, Mashpee, for operating a motor vehicle under the influence of narcotics. He was in possession of hypodermic needles and admitted to using cocaine previously as well as using prescription medication that he did not have a prescription for. Patrolman Eric L. Kraus made the arrest.

5:13 PM: Police arrested Samantha A. Farrell, 28, of New Bedford for shoplifting $285 worth of various merchandise from Walmart.

8:06 PM: Police responded to Route 151 in North Falmouth for the report of a motor vehicle accident and arrested Timothy W. Silvia, 46, Mary Rose Lane, East Falmouth, for his third offense of drunk driving. Patrolman Charles Marken said the man smelled like alcohol and failed numerous sobriety tests.

9:09 PM: A resident of Sachem Drive, East Falmouth, reported that a man she knew broke into her home and remained inside without her permission. Police arrived and arrested the man, identified as William G. Jennette, 42, Ennsbrook Drive, East Falmouth, for trespassing, breaking and entering, and malicious destruction of property under $250. Police reported Mr. Jennette gained entrance through a window.

9:50 PM: An alarm sounded at a building on Technology Park Drive. Police determined that it was from a power outage caused by the weather.

11:34 PM: A resident of Old Barnstable Road, East Falmouth, reported that their home was broken into and items were stolen.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

1:10 AM: Pamela J. Moniz, 40, Gifford Street, Falmouth, pulled her car out of J.R. Brody’s parking lot and was struck by a vehicle traveling west on Teaticket Highway driven by Steve L. Munger, 43, Great Bay Street, East Falmouth. Police reported that both vehicles sustained major damages, and both drivers were listed as injured.

2:20 AM: A taxi driver traveling past the laundromat on Scranton Avenue, Falmouth, reported that someone smashed a window at the laundromat and was inside the building. Police responded and found the man still inside. They arrested him, identified as Timothy J. Fitzgerald, 34, of Dedham, for breaking into the business. Police reported that he did not steal anything.

4:15 AM: A resident of Locust Street, Falmouth, reported a domestic dispute.

7:01 AM: A resident of Shorewood Drive, East Falmouth, reported that someone entered her back door and sat down inside the house. The driver of a red car picked the man up from the residence and then left. A license plate was obtained by the resident, and police have opened an investigation. Nothing was stolen from the residence, police reported.

7:51 AM: The owner of a boat docked at Falmouth Harbor reported that the boat was broken into.

9:02 AM: Members of the Megansett Yacht Club reported they found smashed beer bottles on the grounds of the club.

5:01 PM: A resident of Carriage Shop Road, East Falmouth, reported a domestic disturbance.

9:33 PM: An officer who had responded to a fireworks complaint noticed a boat sinking in Great Pond and reported the incident to DNR. He said the boat appeared to be leaking fuel as well.

10:09 PM: A resident of Worcester Court, Falmouth, reported a domestic disturbance.

11:10 PM: Police placed James C. Hamblin, 37, Happy Hollow Road, East Falmouth, into protective custody following a domestic dispute.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

12:20 AM: Police reported that a motorist reversed his vehicle over someone who had passed out behind the car that was parked at the CVS/pharmacy. Police reported that no charges will be filed and that the man suffered no serious injuries.

1:25 AM: Police responded to the report of a large group arguing at the 7-Eleven on Main Street. Police booked Eric Whatley, 21, of Mashpee for public intoxication and released him to a sober acquaintance shortly afterward.

8:37 AM: A resident of Lakeview Avenue, Falmouth, reported that someone entered their home through a garage window. Police reported that nothing was stolen but they have opened an investigation.

9:28 AM: Someone reported that a car parked on Boston Street, Teaticket, was broken into. Police did not report if anything was stolen.

9:40 AM: An employee of a Teaticket Highway hotel reported that someone was bothering their guests. Police located William A. Gile, 27, of West Yarmouth, shirtless behind the hotel and reported that he was speaking incoherently and appeared intoxicated and belligerent. Police brought him into protective custody.

10:02 AM: A resident of Ormond Drive, East Falmouth, reported  a domestic disturbance.

12:29 PM: A resident of Sam Turner Road, East Falmouth, reported a domestic disturbance.

12:49 PM: An employee of a Hess Gas Station on Sandwich Road, East Falmouth, reported receiving a $10 counterfeit bill.

1:12 PM: Mashpee police reported that a prisoner temporarily escaped while receiving treatment at  Falmouth Hospital. The man will face charges after he broke a sliding glass door in his flight attempt. Mashpee police reported that he was recaptured shortly after his escape.

2:14 PM: Police responded to a collision on Route 151 near Boxberry Hill Road, East Falmouth. Both drivers and one passenger were listed as injured and were transported to Falmouth Hospital. Jason B. Almeida, 35, of Sandwich said that he attempted to take a U-turn on the road and did not see an oncoming car, driven by Laura S. Spetrini, 64, of Whitman, and they collided. Police identified the passenger in Ms. Spetrini’s as Francis Spetrini, 64.

3:25 PM: A resident of Hamlin Avenue, Falmouth, reported that a black Hyper mountain bike was stolen.

6:19 PM: A resident of Club Valley Drive, East Falmouth, reported a domestic disturbance.

6:46 PM: The owner of a vehicle parked in a Scranton Avenue, Falmouth, parking lot reported that a suitcase was stolen from the vehicle.

7:33 PM: Someone reported that their wallet was stolen while they were at a Main Street convenience store.

8:08 PM: A woman reported that a man stole her wallet shortly after she got off a bus on Teaticket Highway. Although she could not identify the man, she said that he snatched her purse out of her hands, took her wallet, returned the purse, and then fled. The wallet contained approximately $70, she said.

9:02 PM: A man refused treatment after being assaulted on Old Meeting House Road, East Falmouth.

9:05 PM: Police charged one minor for possession of alcohol after they found him imbibing on the Falmouth Heights baseball field.

9:52 PM: Police responded to Nantucket Avenue, Falmouth Heights, for the report of an altercation between two males. They located the two on Grand Avenue and reported the incident as a domestic disturbance.

10:12 PM: Someone reported a fight on the Falmouth Heights baseball field, and firefighters transported a man to the Falmouth Hospital as a result.

10:59 PM: Police responded to a fireworks complaint on Amvets Avenue, Falmouth, and confiscated illegal fireworks and issued a bylaw citation and criminal complaint to the offender.

Monday, July 7, 2014

2:36 AM: Patrolman Melissa Martin observed a driver cross the center line multiple times on Hayway Road, East Falmouth, and that they also failed to stop at a traffic signal at the Old Barnstable Road intersection. She pulled the driver over on Currier Road where he appeared intoxicated and resisted arrest. Police reported that pepper spray was used to apprehend the driver, identified as Antone Costa III, 50, of Harwich. Police charged him with his second offense for drunk driving, drunk driving while his license was suspended for a prior drunk driving offense, resisting arrest, negligent operation of a motor vehicle, and other motor vehicle infractions.

3:34 AM: A resident of Quissett Avenue, Woods Hole, reported that a rock damaged a car parked at the residence.

5:36 AM: A resident of Alma Road, Falmouth, reported that someone smashed a vehicle window on their property during the night.


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