Falmouth Real Estate Tax Bills Due This Thursday: May 1

Falmouth property tax bills are due Thursday of this week.

The Falmouth tax collector’s office mailed the third and fourth quarter tax bills December 30. Included in that mailing were two payment stubs; the third quarter stub was due by February 3 and the fourth quarter stub is due by the 1st of May. If residents are unable to locate the May payment stub, they can go online to print a copy from the Town of Falmouth website.


Residents can pay the bill in person at Town Hall Square weekdays from 8 AM to 4:30 PM. If mailing, payments should be sent to the town’s “lockbox” address: Town of Falmouth, PO Box 761, Reading, MA 01867-0405. Payment is considered timely when received by the collector’s office; therefore, postmarks cannot be acknowledged.

Bills can also be paid online using all major credit cards (fee charged) or a checking account transfer (25 cents) at www.falmouthmass.us, by clicking on the “eBill” link on the home page. Credit cards can only be used online. Deadline for online payment is 4:30 PM.

If a bill has been misplaced, go to www.falmouthmass.us and click on the link “print tax bills” on the top of the home page for a copy to be submitted with payment.


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