Hatchville Fire Still Under Investigation, Deemed Not Suspicious

Falmouth Fire Rescue extinguished what was described as a large brush fire near Alchemy Farm in Hatchville Saturday night, August 30, and into Sunday morning.

Deputy Chief Timothy R. Smith said that a pile of discarded construction debris in the woods of the Hatchville-area property caught fire and then spread to a 150-square-foot area. The department responded with an engine and a brush breaker as well as approximately eight firefighters after a resident in the area reported the flames at approximately 9:30 PM.

No one was injured during the incident, fire officials reported.


Fire officials do not believe the fire to be suspicious or intentional, but are still investigating the origins of the flame. Deputy Smith suspected that it may have resulted from an “unattended cooking fire.” He said that the department will follow up with the building department for further investigation.

“The fire was in the woods, so there was an access issue,” Deputy Smith said. “We had to pull hoses through the woods and continue to keep wetting down the area.” He said the size of the area caught was “significant.” The pile of debris included other items that he said are normally stored outside a home.

Deputy Small said that because there was little wind, the flames did not spread. Fire officials returned to the site Sunday morning to wet the area again. Rain Sunday evening assisted in keeping the area safe as well, he said.


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