Mariner Motel On Main Street Falmouth Sold

Mariner Motel on Main street in Falmouth.
GENE M. MARCHAND/ENTERPRISE - Mariner Motel on Main street in Falmouth.

Jan A. and Tammy Blum of Westwood have purchased the Mariner Motel on Main Street for $1.7 million.

The new owners bought the motel May 2 and have no plans to change the current face or layout of the motel, Ms. Blum said on Tuesday morning. “Maybe we’ll change a few linens but we will not take out any building permits,” she said.

Robert F. and Karen E. Olsson, owners of the motel since 1986, could not be reached for comment. Ms. Blum said they are retiring from the hospitality business.


Ms. Olsson received a certificate of excellence from the Falmouth Beautification Council in 2009, 2007, and 2006. The motel received the council's top award, the Rosa Rugosa Award, in 2005.

Ms. Blum said her family that includes her five children will move into the motel in the summer. “It will be a family affair,” she said.

“Send us your tired and your weary and we’ll given them a good night’s sleep,” said Ms. Blum. “This will be a family-run motel. We’re very thrilled and looking forward to a great summer.”

The Olssons purchased the property in 1986 for $548,000, according to the town assessor’s page. It lists at 1.5 acres. There are 30 rooms in the motel.


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