Market Owner Asks For More Temporary Parking

The owner of the Woods Hole Market and Provisions on Water Street has requested additional temporary parking for customers at the market.

“My store won’t be here next year if something isn’t done in terms of parking,” Branch (Jeff) Parrish, owner of the Woods Hole Market, told the Traffic Advisory Committee at its meeting Monday morning. “I feel like I’m being targeted.”


Committee members took no action at the meeting but requested that Mr. Parrish make a full presentation at its next meeting scheduled for Monday, June 16, at Town Hall.

Mr. Parrish said that when he bought the property, there was a 24-hour loading zone in front of the store that also served as temporary parking for customers at the market. “Before I bought the store, people were parking there for 50 years,” he said. It was not legal parking but it allowed his customers to park temporarily while they shopped at the store.

That was changed into 12-hour loading zone in August of last year. In the evening, the loading zone turns into unmetered parking that benefits the restaurants in the area, Mr. Parrish said. “It doesn’t benefit me, though,” he said.

Water Street was recently repainted and Mr. Parrish said that there were some “serious issues.” The two parking spots in front of his store are insufficient, he said, and were painted smaller than others in the area including a parking spot in front of Shucker’s World Famous Raw Bar, a restaurant that abuts the Woods Hole Market. He said he has witnessed drivers that attempt to back into his spots and end up leaving because they are too small.

He said he has had customers at his store complain about the lack of parking and some that have stopped shopping there as a result.

He suggested that more 15-minute parking spots be added to the area near his store. That would keep visitors from parking over night while they traveled to Martha’s Vineyard and the 15-minute spot would be more inviting than a metered parking spot, he said.


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