Mashpee Man Cited For 15 Infractions

After a three-month investigation run by Falmouth police, James T. Barros, 34, of Mashpee appeared in court at the request of Judge Edward B. Teague III and will be charged with 15 vehicle infractions. Police allege that he fled to avoid arrest twice on a motorcycle at speeds over 100 miles per hour on Falmouth roads.

He was held Wednesday, August 20, in jail on a $100 bail and is scheduled to appear back in court in October.

On June 21, Patrolman Chad A. Leighton observed a motorcyclist speeding down East Falmouth Highway in the early afternoon. The motorcyclist was wearing a chrome, German-style helmet as well as a skeleton face mask covering his mouth.


Mr. Leighton activated his emergency lights and attempted to pull over the motorcyclist, but the motorcyclist sped away on Old Barnstable Road. Ptl. Leighton followed and watched him pass other vehicles while in oncoming traffic, forcing some cars to the shoulder of the road to avoid collisions. The motorcyclist eventually sped away near cranberry bogs on Old Barnstable Road at speeds of 120 miles per hour, Ptl. Leighton reported.

On June 29, Detective Robert D. Murray witnessed a similar incident. A man was driving a motorcycle of the same description and wearing a chrome German-style helmet on Teaticket Highway. After witnessing the motorcyclist speed by, Det. Murray attempted to pull the driver over, but the man sped away at speeds over 100 miles per hour. The cyclist also ran through stop signs and nearly caused multiple accidents when traveling into oncoming traffic.

Both police officers found evidence that the motorcyclist was Mr. Barros after they saw that his profile on Facebook had pictures of him with the chrome helmet and the blue Yamaha, as well as posts of an interaction with police.

Det. Murray observed that a statement written on Mr. Barros’s Facebook page the same day the motorcyclist fled. “A cop pulled me over and said ‘papers’ and I said, ‘scissors. I win [sic]’ and drove off,” it read.


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