Nancy Ashworth Appointed Mullen-Hall Interim Principal

Nancy AshworthELIZABETH SAITO/ENTERPRISE - Nancy Ashworth

North Falmouth Elementary School assistant principal Nancy Ashworth has been appointed interim principal for Mullen-Hall Elementary School following the resignation of current principal Donna H. Noonan on May 30.

Ms. Ashworth’s appointment was announced at the school committee meeting on June 10.

Ms. Ashworth served as the assistant principal at Mullen-Hall for five years until 2011 when she moved to North Falmouth. She will now return to Mullen-Hall as interim principal.

This year, Ms. Ashworth has been spearheading the district’s efforts to make elementary education more “boy-friendly” in order to close the literacy achievement gaps between its young male and female students.


Superintendent Bonny L. Gifford wrote in a statement, “Ms. Ashworth is a dedicated employee. She is ethical, loyal, and approachable; and most of all loves working with staff and students. I have heard staff refer to her as ‘grace under fire’ and I am confident that she will do a wonderful job serving the Falmouth School District.”

Ms. Ashworth lives in Pocasset. 


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