Once Upon A Time: April 1, 2014

75 Years Ago
March 31, 1939
A dozen living models will display new spring fashions for members of the Outlook Club at next Tuesday’s meeting, to be held at the First Congregational church vestry. The fashion show is pre-sented by Malchman brothers, under direction of Mrs. S. A. Smith.
* * *
A 49-pound sailfish put Herbert I. McLane of Pin Oak way in the news in Miami last weekend. Mr. McLane’s feat capturing a sailfish seven feet two inches long, on his first fishing trip in Miami, was mentioned on the radio in the Florida city next day.
* * *
Harvey’s Hardware store, owned and operated by Harvey M. Martin, will be officially opened tomorrow at its new location in the Main street block of Charles L. Swift. Since Mr. Martin decided to move to larger quarters early this month his store in the Malchman block has continued to serve customers and the new store has been informally opened to the public for the past week.
* * *
60 Years Ago
April 2, 1954
Falmouth Veterans council, which represents the three veterans’ posts, wants to remove the crumbling war memorial and its surrounding shrubbery from in front of the library. The council, however, asserts the memorial should stay until a suitable memorial is ready to go in its place.
* * *
A notice in this issue tells of an increase in the fee for plumbing permits to $2 for the first fixture and a dollar for each additional fixture. The fee has been $2 for a permit, regardless of the size of the job.


* * *
The Falmouth Blackhawks have closed the book on another season after writing a third successive town championship into their record. Tom Morton’s crew have put another winning season behind them. This year’s Blackhawks won 25 contests while losing only six.
* * *
40 Years Ago
April 2, 1974 
In the only contest vote before this coffee break last night, town meeting proved to be generous. It voted to add to the salaries of five elected town officials, already raised by 5.5 percent from last hear, an extra one percent for each year in office up to 12 .
* * *
The three-member board of appeals got at least implied backing from its appointing authority, the selectmen, at the Precinct Five meeting on the warrant Wednesday night.
Article 43 of the warrant proposes to expand its membership to as many as seven. The finance committee recommends five members.
* * * 
Scott Graham will appear on the Channel Five candlepin bowling program this Saturday, after winning the Cape and Islands Junior bowling roll-offs. Scott, 7, is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Edward F. Graham Jr. of 30 Harrington street.
* * *
Falmouth will have a community venereal disease clinic by the summer, according to Dr. Leonard A. Howard of East Falmouth, an associate of Karen Weinstein of Falmouth Helpline, who initiated the project.



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  • MCool

    *** One year ago today, Falmouth’s Board of Selectmen and the Finance Committee held a joint meeting, unanimously standing by the Selectmen’s prior vote to remove the town’s wind turbines. The determination was the result of findings that the turbines were not good neighbors for close residents or the town as a whole. *** Today, the Board of Selectmen and the Finance Committee stand unanimous in their NEW position that it would be irresponsible, unsound and unbusinesslike not to fund a reserve account despite continued evidence of community nuisance law violations. ONCE UPON A TIME is worth the read... when a town can re-define "being responsible and businesslike" in the course of a year.