Pictures Stolen From St. Patrick's Church Recovered On Christmas Day

As Christmas miracles go this was not a big one, but it was nevertheless good news for St. Patrick’s Church on Main Street.

Donald E. Neill, 54, was arrested at 10:08 AM Christmas Day at his Boxwood Circle home. Falmouth Police Department reports on-file with the Falmouth District Court stated that Mr. Neill called police to report that he was in possession of several pictures he claimed his ex-girlfriend stole from St. Patrick’s Church about two years ago.

Mr. Neill told police his girlfriend moved out of the residence six months ago and he no longer wanted to keep the pictures. Police arrested Mr. Neill on a charge of receiving stolen property over $250 due to the fact he allegedly knew the pictures were in his home and had been stolen, but chose not to report them to police immediately.

The four pictures were a 20-inch framed picture of the Virgin Mary valued at $200; a 12-inch framed picture of Jesus valued at $100; and two three-inch pictures, one of Jesus and one of an angel, each valued at $50.

Mr. Neill is scheduled to return to court next month for a pretrial hearing. So far no charges have been filed against his ex-girlfriend.


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