Falmouth Planning Board Approves Plan For New CVS On Worcester Ct.

Falmouth Planning Board voted at a special meeting on Wednesday to file a decision with the town clerk to approve site plans for Mammoth Acquisition Company for a new CVS Pharmacy and Cape Cod Cooperative Bank at the intersection of Davis Straits and Worcester Court.

The planning board voted against the site plan last year but Mammoth Acquisition appealed and settled with the planning board in court on February 4, annulling that decision and granting a special permit to Mammoth Acquisition.

The current CVS and three abutting buildings on Davis Straits, including a historic house built in the 1800s, will be demolished to make way for the new development. The new pharmacy, according to site plans in the Falmouth planning office, will be 15,300 square feet and the bank will be 3,000 square feet.

Some planning board members were not happy about the outcome.


“I would like the public to know that this has been a gut-wrenching procedure for us,” board member Robert J. Leary said. Mr. Leary voted against the original proposal. “There was a lot of debate on this topic and there are things we didn’t like and still things we don’t like, but we have come to a resolution of our best interest.”

While some members voiced frustration, others noted that Mammoth worked with board members’ concerns. “There have been improvements made during this process,” board member Paul C. Dreyer said. “The issue has been resolved over a long period of time and there were several issues that were raised. There have been accommodations made on the part of Mammoth Acquisition to try to address these issues.”

The minutes for the executive sessions have yet to be released. Board member Ralph E. Herbst said that the board was not hiding anything from the public and that the minutes would be available after members vote to approve them.

In a phone conversation after the Wednesday meeting, chairman of the board, Patricia H. Kerfoot, said that the new CVS will feature numerous changes and improvements compared to the original Mammoth plans.

Plans for the physical appearance of the building have been toned down from the typical corporate CVS look that currently exists, Ms. Kerfoot said. “The building will be more aesthetically pleasing in our light,” she said. The original structure planned to use brick but the new plans feature shingles, some areas with patterned shingles. There will be additional windows installed. The signage on the exterior of the building has been modified into a particular size and lighting, Ms. Kerfoot said.

The board, Ms. Kerfoot said, originally had difficulty with traffic patterns and parking. Plans have been changed, she said, to make it a safer experience. Parking aisles were expanded as well.
Ms. Kerfoot that Mammoth planners made improvements to landscaping including an increase in hedges and flowering trees to improve the area.


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