Prosecution Rests Case In Rams Trial

The prosecution rested its case on Tuesday, the sixth day of testimony in a trial of John Rams Jr. for the murder of Shirley M. Reine.

Judge Robert C. Rufo said he expected that both the prosecution and defense to give their closing arguments on Wednesday.

A unanimous jury could decide the fate of Mr. Rams as early as tomorrow, April 3, to conclude a trial that opened on March 17.

The prosecution’s case rested after Captain Christopher Mason, a Massachusetts state trooper, told of seven interviews state police had with John Rams. The interviews took place since state troopers arrested Mr. Rams at a Tedeschi’s parking lot in Bourne on September 21, 2005. The last interview was conducted when Cpt. Mason informed Mr. Rams he was charged with the murder of Ms. Reine in September of 2011.


Cpt. Mason testified that, in the interviews, Mr. Rams said he and Todd Reine had a face-to-face meeting two years before the murder. Todd Reine had told him that he wanted his stepmother shot and killed.

Todd Reine was “pissed” at Shirley Reine from some “friction” that started in 2003, Mr. Rams said in the interview. He said the final straw for Mr. Reine was when she sold a car that he believed belonged to him.

“He didn’t come out and say it, but he implied it without asking,” Mr. Rams was quoted to have said in one of the recorded interviews. “It wasn’t a contract” to kill her. Later in the interview, Mr. Rams said the two brothers offered to set up a smoke shop for him in Plymouth if he killed her. “If you take care of Todd, we’ll take care of you,” Mr. Rams said that Melvin J. Reine Jr. had said to him.

Mr. Rams said in one interview that Todd Reine had showed him a gun, a .22 caliber revolver. It “looked like a cowboy gun,” Mr. Rams said. Todd Reine told him that this was the gun he wanted used to kill Shirley Reine. He wanted her shot in a garage and wanted it to look like a mob hit.

Mr. Rams repeatedly denied that he murdered Shirley Reine in the interviews. “I don’t know if [Todd Reine] did it himself, honestly, but unless he hired someone else, there’s a good chance he did it,” he said in an interview.

A few days after the murder, Mr. Rams said that he saw Todd Reine drive by his house. “That was it. I was out. I didn’t want to see him,” Mr. Rams said in the recording. He said that he was afraid Todd Reine would shoot him.

Mr. Rams said that he was also afraid of Todd Reine’s connection with the Falmouth Police Department. Mr. Rams said he had an uncle in the department and that Todd Reine acted as an informant for another member of the department.

Defense attorney Timothy R. Flaherty also read a transcription of the final interview in which Cpt. Mason said Mr. Rams would be tried for the murder of Shirley Reine. The section of the transcribed interview was riddled with expletives. Mr. Rams voiced disbelief in the charge.

When questioned by the state troopers, Mr. Rams could not remember where he was on the night or day after the murder. He said that he might have been at Mohegan Sun which police later confirmed that he was, but not during the night of the murder.

Earlier in the trial, an employer of Mr. Rams testified that Mr. Rams had been to work the day after the murder but he was fired that day for acting more “bossy” than normal.


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