Rams Said He Never Intended To Shoot Shirley Reine

Todd M. Reine asked John Rams to murder Shirley M. Reine, but he never intended to do so. Mr. Rams made that statement, according to the testimony of State Police Captain Christopher Mason on Monday at Mr. Rams’s trial for Ms. Reine’s murder.

Mr. Rams’s statements to the police were the subject of contention prior to the start of the trial. In the end, Judge Robert Rufo allowed limited testimony.

According to Capt. Mason, Mr. Rams told state police that Mr. Reine approached him to murder Shirley Reine during an interview at the state police barracks in Bourne, when he was arraigned for breaking and entering. Mr. Rams told Mr. Reine that he would murder Shirley, but he never intended to do so. Mr. Reine wanted him to shoot her with a .22 caliber handgun to make it look like a mob hit.

As the trial moved into its second week, the testimony of “jail house informants” made further claims that Mr. Rams admitted to the murder.


Carlington Santiago, who was in the Barnstable County Correctional Facility at the same time as Mr. Rams, testified that Mr. Rams told him about a murder in East Falmouth, that Todd Reine had asked him to commit the murder and that he would be rewarded with a diamond ring for his actions.

State police detectives asked Mr. Santiago to wear a wire to record his conversations with Mr. Rams. Mr. Santiago agreed twice, but when he approached Mr. Rams in the prison each time, Mr. Rams said he had nothing to do with the murder.

Mr. Santiago served 80 months in prison for cocaine trafficking and for gang-related activity. His sentence was reduced from 188 months after he informed on fellow members of the “Outlaw” gang from his hometown of Lawrence.

On Friday, Paul DiPerry, who is serving a 72-year sentence in Colorado for sexual assault, testified that Mr. Rams told him he shot Shirley Reine in the back of the head for Todd M. Reine and that Mr. Rams said that he was rewarded with a diamond ring for doing it. Mr. DiPerry also testified that Mr. Rams told him that the gun was in a cranberry bog in Wareham and he wanted Mr. DiPerry to fetch it and throw it off a pier in Onset.

On Monday Michael DeMarsh, who was a cellmate with Mr. Rams in the Plymouth County Correctional Facility, testified that Mr. Rams told him he wanted to make a deal with him in order to receive bail money.

Mr. DeMarsh said Mr. Rams told him that he had a ring worth possibly a million dollars that came from Shirley Reine and that if he helped pay his bail, they could work something out.

Mr. DeMarsh also testified that Mr. Rams initially told him that Todd and Melvin J. Reine Jr. each shot Shirley Reine. Mr. DeMarsh then said that Mr. Rams made a threatening gesture that made him believe that Mr. Rams shot her.

On Friday, John A. Reine Sr. testified that he drove a car when Melvin J. Reine Sr., his brother, shot a police officer with a shotgun. He said Shirley Reine was riding in the passenger seat of the car.


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