Rocky the Lobster Stolen From Green Pond Fish Market

Rocky the Lobster was discovered missing from Green Pond Fish Market on Saturday morning.Courtesy of Robert Lewis - Rocky the Lobster was discovered missing from Green Pond Fish Market on Saturday morning.

Rocky, a five-foot-tall fiberglass lobster that once adorned Rocky Point Amusement Park in Rhode Island and recently the entrance of Green Pond Fish Market on East Falmouth Highway, was stolen Friday night.

Owner Robert M. Lewis said he discovered Rocky was stolen when he arrived for work on Saturday morning. Rocky was screwed to the wall so whoever stole him had to work to remove him, Mr. Lewis said. “I figure it is in somebody’s man cave or some kids ripped it off the wall to have some fun with it,” Mr. Lewis said.

Mr. Lewis is offering a $100 reward for the safe return of Rocky the Lobster. Rocky was last seen wearing a straw hat with his name on it, a bow-tie and holding a cane.

“I was very proud to have him out there,” Mr. Lewis said. “He was a nice happy-go-lucky kind of guy, and that’s kind of the way we try to approach things.”


Mr. Lewis said he has a “glimmer of hope” that Rocky will be returned intact. He posted a picture of Rocky on Facebook, which was viewed over 8,000 times.
Rocky is valued at about $500, he said, but it would cost over $1,000 to make a new mold to replicate Rocky.

Rocky Point Amusement Park opened in 1847 in Warwick, Rhode Island, and closed in 1995 due to financial problems. Mr. Lewis’ uncle purchased Rocky at an auction. Since then the lobster has welcomed customers to Green Pond Fish Market.

Anyone with information about Rocky’s whereabouts should contact Falmouth Police at 508-548-1212. 


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