Falmouth Tallies School Staff Cuts

When school opened in Falmouth last September, it became apparent that the Falmouth School District had underbudgeted for the cost of sending high-needs students to specialized out of district schools.

Superintendent Bonny L. Gifford froze all non-essential spending in October, and 11 staff positions have been cut to balance next year’s budget, which includes a contractual 2 percent raise for teachers.

According to a list provided by Superintendent Gifford, the positions cut are as follows. (Several positions have also been added, but a list was not available by press time.)

At the elementary schools, one nursing assistant was eliminated.


At the high school, an assistant principal, a library assistant, a secretary, and a science laboratory technician position no longer exist.

At the Lawrence School, grades 7 and 8, an assistant principal, a library technician, a library teacher, and a health assistant are gone.

At Morse Pond School, grades 5 and 6, an assistant principal and a special education teaching aide were eliminated.

At least two staff positions have morphed. Ernest G. Holcomb, a part-time gym teacher at Mullen-Hall Elementary School, is retiring and will be replaced by a part-time technology teacher. That school will still have one full-time gym teacher, but the frequency of physical education classes will be reduced. And a “21st century skills teacher” at Lawrence will be replaced by a new technology teacher.

The district’s “elementary school technology integration specialist” position was eliminated, with that role’s responsibilities spread among the elementary library teachers, who will now be considered dual library and technology teachers.


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