Two Charged in Connection with Robbery at Paul's Pizza

A Teaticket resident was ordered held on high bail following his arraignment on charges stemming from last spring’s robbery at Paul’s Pizza.

Michael A. Geggatt, 22, appeared in Falmouth District Court Tuesday, when he was arraigned on charges of armed robbery, armed assault to rob, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, and conspiracy. He was ordered held in lieu of $10,000 cash bail/$100,000 surety until his next court date, a pretrial hearing scheduled for March 6.

Tedra E. Noonan, 23, of Acapesket Avenue, East Falmouth, was also arraigned in connection with the crime on charges of conspiracy and accessory before the fact. She was released on personal recognizance and is also set for a pretrial hearing on March 6.

Complaint applications were filed by the Falmouth Police Department against the suspects earlier this month. The information regarding this case was not made public until their formal arraignment.

Mr. Geggatt, whose address was listed as Glenwood Avenue and as Teaticket Highway in various police and court documents, allegedly robbed the restaurant after being informed by Ms. Noonan, identified in court documents as a “minority owner” of the restaurant, that a lone employee would be leaving the restaurant that night with bank bags for a night deposit.

Falmouth Police Department reports stated that Mr. Geggatt attacked an employee after closing on June 15, striking him in the head with a brick and stealing two bank deposit bags holding a total of $3,900 to $4,100 in cash.

Falmouth Police Department reports stated that Mr. Geggatt, who previously worked at Paul’s Pizza as a member of the wait staff, attacked an employee after closing on June 15, striking him in the head with a brick and stealing two bank deposit bags holding a total of $3,900 to $4,100 in cash. 

Falmouth officers and a K-9 unit from the Barnstable County Sheriff’s Department conducted a search of the area but could not locate the suspect. The bank bags were recovered the next day around 3:30 PM on Alma Road.

Police interviewed numerous individuals, including Ms. Noonan and several Paul’s employees, which led them to interviews with several individuals identified in court documents as known drug dealers.

Investigators got a tip from one of the interviewees that Mr. Geggatt was most likely behind the robbery, police reports stated, and Mr. Geggatt allegedly fit the victim’s description of the robber. The victim later allegedly identified Mr. Geggatt as the robber from photographs.

Police arrested Mr. Geggatt on July 1 on an unrelated matter, a warrant issued on a charge of unarmed robbery, and questioned him on the robbery at Paul’s. He was also questioned about a robbery days earlier that occurred in the parking lot of Cumberland Farms on Main Street, which is directly behind the restaurant.

Ms. Noonan was also questioned about the robbery but she allegedly denied involvement with the incident or with Mr. Geggatt. After obtaining a court order, police reviewed Ms. Noonan’s cellphone logs and allegedly discovered that Ms. Noonan had contacted Mr. Geggatt the day before the robbery, and several times in the minutes immediately following the robbery.

Police reports stated that the evidence suggested Ms. Noonan and Mr. Geggatt conspired to rob the restaurant to support their respective drug habits. Reports also noted that in the days before the robbery, Ms. Noonan had pawned several personal items for cash.

Mr. Geggatt was last in court last month facing a charge of assault and battery and larceny over $250, amended from unarmed robbery, stemming from the robbery at Cumberland Farms, which police characterized in reports as a “rip”—a drug transaction that turned into a robbery. The charges were dismissed when the victim failed to cooperate with police and prosecutors.


CORRECTION (Tuesday, February 26)

This story had identified one of the suspects, Michael A. Geggatt, as a former employee of the restaurant. A spokesman for Paul’s Pizza said that Mr. Geggatt, in fact, never worked there in any capacity.


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